Monday, June 3, 2013

Four Toys - Part One

By Tammy

It was going to be another interesting few days of work for Angela. They had brought 4 new prisoners in for her to play with. Well, it was play for her. For the prisoners, it would be intense suffering and humiliation for their crimes. You see, each one of these prisoners had committed heinous sex crimes, ones that Angela considered worse than the ones she was about to commit.

She pulled up to her usual location, a small dilapidated looking farm in the middle of nowhere. The sole entrance to the facility was guarded, and there was no escape for the individuals kept within. As she entered the building, she wondered what new tricks she would try on these men. She had to admit that she kind of liked the job, and enjoyed the suffering inflicted on these types of individuals.

Angela decided that the first game would be one of humiliation. Already the men had been securely tied up securely on the same wall, with their legs spread apart. All had been gagged. They were left clothed, but that wouldn't remain for long. Angela liked the hands on experience of seeing what kind of men she had.

The men all tensed up as she arrived. They had some suspicions about what would happen, but they truly could not expect what was in store for them. Angela never said a word to them. She went to the first man tied up on the left, and began to undress him. She did the same for the other 3 individuals as well, making sure to cup each mans balls and get a feel for what kind of stuff he had. The first 3 prisoners were fairly average. The 4th prisoner was pretty well endowed. He had a long hanging cock and balls double the size of the first 3. They also hung very low and she spent some time groping his balls, wondering what special punishment she would inflict on this one.

Angela kept the room nice and warm, for obvious low hanging reasons. She readied the first humiliation punishment. Usually this would inflict no damage, but occasionally an accident did happen. She took a white powder and carefully applied it to each mans penis and testicles. Then she uttered her first and only sentence of the day, "See you boys tomorrow." With that she exited the room the way she had entered. She then went to the other side of the building, and found the calf she had asked for tied up, and rather hungry looking. This trick was always one of her favorites, and she led the young beast into the room, where the expressions on the men’s faces were priceless.

She released the calf, and then closed the door and proceeded to the observation room. Yes, she had the classic one-way mirror and would enjoy the festivities, and make sure that the men were sufficiently humiliated. The calf was confused at first; not knowing the place it was in. Eventually, it started walking around, and came to the left most man. It sniffed the powdered milk on the man’s genitals, and then its hunger instinct quickly kicked in.

The man tried to draw back, such as he could in this position, but the calf was not to be denied. He felt his dick quickly engulfed, and then sucked on vigorously by the hungry animal. It was not very gentle, bucking and trying hard to get milk that had wetted its appetite and would not come. The man was sure he was going to get some bruises from the excessive bucking it was doing. Eventually, nature took over despite his best efforts, and he got a hardon anyway. The calf was unable to get the boner into its mouth, and went to the next available target, the man’s dangling testicles.

Angela always liked this part of the scene best. The man made a muffled scream as he felt his testicles engulfed in the hungry animals mouth. This feeling was not pleasant at all, as he felt his twin orbs being swished around between tongue and teeth, and was very frightened that the animal might begin to chew. Fortunately, the chewing never came, but the stretching did. The animal begin pulling back and bucking forward like it had done on his dick, but his balls had a lot more give and they went quite some distance before being pulled tight. The sensation left his balls feeling pinched and painful.

Soon the calf went to a fresher target. The 2nd man was probably the smallest of the bunch. The calf was able to get both the penis and testicles in the mouth. The calf was very hungry now, and was none too gentle in trying to get some milk out of what it thought was a nipple. The man never got an erection, and Angela could swear he was starting to cry. The calf continued on with this man for quite some time. After a while, it became bored, and went and stood by itself in a corner. The 2 men who had not been violated looked somewhat relieved. Angela knew that the night was long though, and eventually the calf would try again. At any rate, she needed some sleep for the fun day to come. With that, she retired, leaving the men to suffer humiliation to the calf on and off throughout the night.

The night brought very little rest to the men. Every time one of them would get some sleep, the calf would eventually walk over and painfully awaken them. It seemed to favor the 2nd man, the one who would not get an erection. By the time Angela walked in the morning, he had started to bruise and had minor cuts along his penis and scrotum. Angela tied up the calf in a corner of the room, and then proceeded to hose down each man to clean them up. She was sure to use high pressure on their genitals, causing them to wince in pain each time their turn came.

Angela decided the 2nd man would be her first victim. Already, he was in a tender and painful state, and she liked to get rid of the smallest first. She approached the man, and then grabbed his limp penis in her fist. She then started pulling the bruised member with all her might. The man at first tried to jut his groin out as far as he could in this tied up state, and then fell limp to the pain being caused to him. He felt things stretch in pain that he had never felt before. Suddenly, there was a snapping sensation inside of his penis, and a red hot stabbing pain that throbbed with each heartbeat. Angela let go after she felt something inside his cock give. His cock was about an inch and a half longer than it had ever been before. However, this man would probably never get an erection again, and the damage would cause him great pain whenever somebody tried to handle his penis. As if confirming the fact, Angela took the man’s penis in her hand, jacked him for a while only to hear muffled screams. Finally, she tired of this torment, and gave him a warning, "This pain is nothing compared with what you are about to experience."

With that warning, she reached down to the man’s hanging testicles and separated them, one for each hand. She then started to squeeze and pull the man’s testicles away from his body. The man started quaking with pain, as he felt his vulnerable gonads compress in ways they were never meant to be, not to mention the ache of the extreme stretching his testicles were feeling. Angela took her time, enjoying this man’s suffering and the looks of fear on the other men’s faces. Eventually she felt what she was expecting, a small squishing sensation in first one testicle, and then the other, indicating that they had been partially ruptured. The man had stopped struggling now, and just sat there with his head rolling back and forth in extreme pain. Angela then once more covered his genitals in powdered milk. The first suck was for humiliation. This one would be for pain.

Angela watched the man weakly squirm as his genitals were engulfed yet again by the calf. The calf was even hungrier now, and the suction it was applying to his broken penis and ruptured testicles was excruciating. Soon the man’s scrotum began to fill with blood, and his testicles started ballooning up. The calf still tried to suck on the inflamed orbs, causing the ruptured testicles to worsen, and eventually causing enough pain to make the man pass out. Angela let the calf suck for a while more, and then finally led it out of the building. The man’s genitals looked hideous and were bloated to inhuman proportions, and would ache like hell when the man regained consciousness.

The first man squirmed a little as Angela approached him and started fondling his genitals. Right now it was pleasurable to the man, but it wouldn't be for long as soon as Angela decided which way to torture this man. She gave the man’s testicles a harsh tug and then left the room letting the man ponder to what his fate was going to be. be continued!

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  1. Tammy - - You have quite a creative streak, especially when dealing with a less-than-adequate penis. I like the calm reasoned way you present, and they way you implement a process, and then can sit back and enjoy the show.


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