Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Four Toys - Part Three

By Tammy

...continued from Part Two!

Angela then studied the remaining two untouched individuals. She had already used some of her best stuff on the first two men, and she was wondering what to do with these two. She decided to scale down a bit, and went to the back and grabbed a small propane blow torch and a knife with a heat resistant handle. She pulled a chair she kept in the room and sat down next to the third man. Quickly, she fired up the blow torch, and began to heat up the knife. When it became extremely hot, she held it up to the man’s face for a second. She then grabbed his penis, and burned the end of the man’s cock with the knife. This created quite a sizzle, and Angela knew the knife was ready.

His scrotum would be no match for the knife, and she carefully cut around the neck of his scrotum, being careful not to get the testicles themselves. The burning hot knife made sure to cauterize the wound quickly, keeping bleeding to the minimum. It would do no good if the man bled to death before she could have some fun. After about 5 minutes worth of work, she carefully pulled the scrotum away from the man, leaving his naked testicles hanging in the air. The man was now rocking in his restraints, both afraid and in pain, and worried about what was to come. Angela set the knife aside for a moment, and put on a plastic glove. She then began to probe the exposed testicles, compressing them, flicking them, and roughly stroking them.

She then picked the knife back up. "I’m afraid I need to cool this off.", she said. She took the man’s left testicle, and pinched it between two of her fingers. She carefully took the knife and put the side against the testicle, and immediately there was a sizzling sound as the testicle began to burn from the heat. The man thrashed violently; unable to cope with the pain he was being caused. Angela casually took the right testicle and did the same thing to it. There was much burning, but the testicles were still intact when she was done, all the more ripe for abuse.

Angela left for a second to find the freezer. She grabbed some ice cubes from it and went back to the man whose testicles she had just burned. She squeezed his left testicle between her fingers, and applied the ice cube directly to it. It took some time to melt, and the man shook his head back and forth as she cooled his testicle off. In fact, after the initial pain, this was almost merciful as the man’s testicles were somewhat numbed to the blistering pain the burning had caused. Eventually she had melted an ice cube on each testicle.

She decided she had done enough for the day. She left for the night, leaving 3 of the 4 men in total agony. One with a vice hanging from his distended testicles, one with ruptured testicles and penis, both of which had swelled to extreme proportions, and one with his scrotum removed and naked testicles burned. The forth man could only ponder the torments the other 3 endured and was extremely worried what would happen to him, being the most well endowed of the bunch. The best for last could not be a good thing here.

When Angela returned the next day, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that none of the 3 tortured men had died during the night. Sometimes the shock was too much and they would expire. She went back to the man with the vice on his testicles. She pushed the vice, causing it to swing back and forth between the man’s legs. He started to bang his head against the back wall, indicating he still had feeling in them. This was good. She removed the vice from his testicles, and began to grope them. They were still intact, but they did not feel at all like normal testicles. His scrotum was extremely bruised, and literally hung an 8 unnatural inches from his body. She was quite impressed at all they had endured.

She decided to go back to the original torment for this man. She fetched the calf, which was not as hungry as before as it had been fed (unlike the men who were only given water). However, it still looked feisty enough. Angela applied some more powdered milk to the man’s genitals. Again, it went for the man’s penis first. Angela was surprised as he got an erection despite all the abuse he had taken. The calf though seemed to be a little smarter this time. It kept the man’s penis from escaping and kept sucking with a vengeance. Angela laughed at this, and it became apparent that the man was going to ejaculate. This was something she had not seen happen before, and the man could only take it in humiliation. Then it happened, the shudder letting her know that he had just cum. The calf however did not care. It simply kept sucking. Soon, the pleasure turned into an ache as his penis was still being worked over.

It soon became distracted as no milk came out from the "nipple" it was suckling, and went after the man’s powdered testicles. This time it was all pain as his testicles swished around in the animal’s mouth. Unlike before, they were a lot longer now, and were flopping around the back of the animal’s mouth, dangerously near the molars. There were many pinching sensations as his testicles were caught in between the jaws, but pinched painfully to safely as they came together. He realized it was only a matter of time before one would not escape, and would be crushed in the animal’s mouth.

Then it happened. A searing pain worse than any he had felt before engulfed his right testicle as it smashed between the molars of the calf. It had just ruptured. The calf didn’t care, and still sucked away. The man kept banging his head against the wall in total agony as his ruptured testicle was crushed further and further in the calf’s mouth. Somehow, his left testicle escaped this punishment, and eventually the calf tired out, and his wounded testicles were left hanging in agony. Angela removed the calf once more, and sprayed down the man, causing his testicles even more agony. Angela then took the man’s testicles in her hands to survey the damage. Sure enough, one testicle had been smashed. She took this testicle in her hand, and began to brutalize it further. She started peeling the ruptured parts further from each other, trying to turn the testicle into one long strand. The man howled in silenced agony behind his gag, as this woman tortured him in ways he could have never fathomed. Eventually she had accomplished most of her goal, and the pieces of testicle felt like small tubes in his sack. She then turned her attention to its neighbor. This one had somehow survived all the punishment and she decided she would now personally deal with the issue. She grabbed his sack and forced both his smashed and deformed but intact testicle to the bottom of his sack. She then started to punch it. She wasn't exactly boxing caliber material, so it took about 20 punches before she hit his left testicle hard enough to begin its destruction. After about 20 more punches, she had really ruptured it, and there was no longer a whole testicle left in his sack. She thought this was fun though, and kept punching his testicular remains. After about 100 punches total, she finally became exhausted and let go. This man was now totally ruined and would not be fun anymore. She left him to suffer the pain of internal bleeding. be continued!

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