Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Four Toys - Part Two

By Tammy

...continued from Part One!

She returned with a strange looking device. It had two metal bars positioned fairly close together, but with some space between them. It was attached on both ends to some chain, which Angela attached to a hoisting hook on the ceiling. The man began to suspect what was in store from him and could only squirm as Angela took his testicles and fit them in between the bars and then clamped them down, trapping his testicles on the outside. She then unlocked the man’s chains, being careful not to let him take any cheap swings at her. It was fun to watch to see how long he could try to hold on before being hung by his testicles. She didn't give the man much time to think as she went over to the hoisting switch and turned it on, slowly lifting the bars. The man began to panic as he stood on his tip toes trying to figure out a way to save himself. He grabbed the bars with both his hands and flipped upside down voluntarily before being lifted off of his feet by his testicles. He knew he could only go so long hanging on like this, but didn't really have any more options at this point. Angela turned off the lifting process, and the man struggled to hold on in this position. He then came up with a slightly easier plan, and took one arm off the bar and placed it on the floor. His other arm joined him slightly afterwards, and he as doing a handstand. This was easier on his body than before, but he would still eventually run out of energy.

Angela enjoyed this a lot. At about 20 minutes, his energy started to wane. He would start to collapse his arms, only to receive a vicious yank on his balls. This would give him a new well of energy and he would push up with his arms again. However, he could only last a minute or so before his energy would leave him again. After the 5th or so time of this 2nd wind effort, he finally became too exhausted to keep himself up. Angela watched his arms give slowly, increasing the tension on his testicles and causing him excruciating amounts of pain. Finally, his arms went limp and his full body weight was being supported by his balls. Usually after a few minutes one of two things would happen. The scrotum and testicles would be unable to support the body weight, and they would literally rip from his body. The other thing that would often happen is that there was also space left between the bars, and sometimes the testicles would collapse under the pressure, and would slowly pull through the bars, ruptured and in great agony. However, this man was pretty small, and neither seemed to be happening. He just hung there, his scrotum extending 6 to 7 inches away from his body. She was sure some of the tendons had torn by how far the testicles were away from his body, but they would just not fully give way. After about half an hour of hanging, the man passed out.
This would do no good, Angela thought to herself. She lowered the bars, until the man was slumped on the floor, and then released his testicles. She then hooked the man’s chains back on and hoisted him slowly back on to the wall. His testicles still hung incredibly low, unable to retreat, and there was bruising and stretch marks along his scrotum. She got some smelling salts and woke the man back up. He slumped in his restraints. Angela then slapped his testicles, causing the man to try to curl up in pain. Good, she thought to herself. He still had feeling in them. She then began rolling his testicles around in her hands roughly, marveling at how they had been deformed from the hanging. They didn't quite feel right, but they had not ruptured.

She began to idly think of what to do next to the man. While in thought, she took the man’s testicles at the base and began swinging them around, much as one would an old watch. This entertained her, and she began to twirl them with great force, enjoying the smacking sound they made when they would hit her arm, or his thighs. Inspiration soon struck, but only after she had added a few more bruises to the man’s scrotum. She took his penis, and then began jacking it to see if he was still able to get an erection. After a few minutes, it responded and became erect. She kept this up until she sensed the man was about to orgasm. She stopped at that point, and left the room to get a vice.

The man could only silently squirm in fear as he saw what she came back with. The vice was pretty standard, with only a small modification at the top to add to small indented bars to prevent the testicles from escaping while being crushed. These testicles were easy to fit in the vice due to their distended state, and Angela quickly applied enough pressure to be able to let the vice hang freely and painfully from his abused testicles. She then jacked the man back into an aroused state. When he was close to orgasm, she started to turn the vice slowly, further compressing his testicles and causing excruciating pain. As soon as his dick would go limp, she would stop turning the vice, and began jacking him again. She was able to repeat the process 5 times. After the 5th time, she was unable to jack him into an erection, but she hadn't completely crushed his testicles yet. This had to be about as painful as it could possibly be for him, and Angela decided to keep him there for some time. She attached 20 lbs of weight to the vice, causing the man extreme agony, and then simply walked away from him.

She stopped by her previous victim, and kicked the man in his partially ruptured and ballooned testicles, abruptly waking him from his state of half consciousness. She had half hoped his scrotum would pop like a water balloon, and scowled at the man when this did not occur.

...to be continued!


  1. Wow, this is incredibly creative!

    1. Julie, how old are you? I think you are soooooooooo fucking HOT!!!!

    2. Thanks... I think. I'm 17, almost 18.

    3. Email me gorgeous...baddad43@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Julie

    What parts do you find most creative? Any particular parts you really enjoyed? Would love to hear what you think.


    1. I think I just like the idea of the total control the woman has over the man! I like her attitude, so cool and calm and collected, being so methodical... an interesting take on this kind of story!


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