Wednesday, June 19, 2013


By Hobrigef

After lunch, we stroll to our cars (no bags or anything tedious like that - all of our shopping gets delivered) and drive back to our respective apartments. We have matching sports cars - VERY expensive ones - with personalised plates. Mine says "AMBER HOT" and hers says "TIFF XXX". We look sooo cool and gorgeous as we're driving along in them!

Sometimes we take a short detour, drive to this really rundown place where there's always a load of yucky, homeless guys slouching around. When we get there ... "AMBER HOT" following just behind "TIFF XXX" ... we stop, but stay in our cars, and Tiffany winds her window down and she tosses a load of fifty pound notes onto the pavement. Reason she does this is these down-and-outs - who're totally penniless - then end up scrambling around on the floor, fighting FURIOUSLY amongst themselves for the money. They punch and slap and kick, really tear lumps off each other, to get their hands on the cash. It's very amusing, especially if it's a windy day and the notes are blowing all over the place, and me and Tiff can just sit in our cars, watching and laughing.

She doesn't ALWAYS throw money out, by the way. Sometimes we drive up to the guys - who get all excited when they see our cars, obviously - and she stops, winds her window down, just grins at them for a while. I'm grinning too because it's funny. She gives them nothing at all and we get to savour the disappointment on their grizzled and deprived faces. Then we drive off, giggling.

Or she just tosses a few coins out, or maybe only a couple of notes, or she throws out something which isn't money at all - a pair of her scented silk panties, perhaps, or half a luxury chocolate bar, or something equally useless to the poor guys. Whatever. The tramps never know what's coming, is the point -- Tiffany's way of toying with them.

Few times, Tiff's really mean and she torments these old tramps by SHOWING them a big wad of cash ... offering it out of the window ... and then, as they rush to her car, snatching it away at the last moment. She pulls it back inside and winds the window back up. They can see the money but can't get at it, poor guys. Tiff really teases them with the cash, holds it up against the closed window, giggling and blowing kisses, as they bang uselessly away at the heavy glass. She puts the stash against her nose, sniffs and kisses and flicks through it, makes a big deal of counting it out on her lap ... makes sure they can tell it's a really LARGE amount ... and then she waves goodbye and drives away, me following.

Once - and this is a killer - she does all this tantalising-the-tramps-with-the-money stuff and then, before she drives off, she slowly tears it up into little pieces which fall all over her and the inside of her car. Can you imagine? These guys are the poorest of the poor and there's Tiffany destroying all this cash (there's thousands of pounds there) right under their noses. God, I almost died when she did that, it was so funny. Some of these poor old tramps were so distressed, they were actually sobbing.

Another time - and this was MY idea (giggle), although Tiff got to do it 'cos torturing tramps is something she really gets off on, I'm happy to just watch - she dangled the money out (a big stash) and she made all these old wrecks dance for her in order to get it. God, it was a scream to see. She put her car stereo on and got them to pretend to be in a disco, made them groove around and smooch with each other. "Yeah trampies, go on, dance for me," she's giggling. "Let's see some snogging going down. Come on, tongues in, I wanna see some REAL snogging, wanna see you trampies getting sexy." She keeps them at it for ages, then she just drops a single fiver out the window and we drive off, giggling and waving back.

One of the funniest things ever.

We talk on our car phones after this, as we're driving home, and Tiffany is in hysterics. "Great idea, Ambs babe," she says. "That was fucking hilarious."

"Yeah, well ... they'll do anything you say, Tiff, if you show them the money," I giggle. "Poor bastards."

"Mmm. Gives me an evil idea for next time," says Tiff.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, what I'll do, Ambs, is I'll show them a really big wedge of cash and then I'll point out that really weedy, ill looking one ..."

"Oh god him, yeah, real mess," I chuckle.

"Right babe," she carries on ... "and I'll get the rest of them to beat the crap out of him. Tell 'em if they gang up and beat that poor little old guy till he's half dead, I'll give them the money. D'you reckon they will?"

"Yeah Tiff, they will. They'll do it. For sure they will," I say.

And I was right.

Bad Girls, me and Tiffany, aren't we?


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  1. Interesting - this kind of thing has basis in reality. Apparently some of the rich and jaded alpha types in the big cities will have their chauffeurs drive them into the really scuzzy rundown part of the slums where the winos and scumbags hang out. Then, with the windows wound up and the lights on inside the limo, the man and his wife or gf will put on a hot sex show for the losers outside. Pure cruelty - no doubt about it! It shows the losers outside the kind of gorgeous women they will never have. Needless to say it usually ends up with the tramps and winos banging on the windows in sexual frustration. If they aren't doing that then they usually drop their pants and jerk off against the windows. Sometimes the hobos will end up fighting each other to get a better place to look inside the limo and watch the sex action close up. Some alpha males and females view this as a good night out! Certainly doesn't cost them anything!


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