Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Unspeakable Pleasure


Kaunas, Lithuania, June 27, 1941, around 11 a.m.

From the report of a German army officer:
"While I was traveling through the town, I went past a gasoline station which was surrounded by a dense crowd of people. There was a large number of women in the crowd and they had lifted up their children or stood them on chairs or boxes so that they could see better. At first I thought this must be a victory celebration or some type of sporting event because of the cheering, clapping, and laughter that kept breaking out. However, when I inquired what was happening, I was told that the "Death-Dealer of Kovno" was at work. ... I became witness to probably the most frightful event that I had seen during the course of two world wars." 

"A blond man of medium height, aged about twenty-five, stood leaning on a wooden club, resting. At his feet lay about fifteen to twenty dead or dying people. Water flowed continuously from a hose washing blood away into the drainage gully. Just a few steps behind this man some twenty men, guarded by armed civilians, stood waiting for their cruel execution in silent submission. In response to a cursory wave the next man stepped forward silently and was then beaten to death with the wooden club in the most bestial manner, each blow accompanied by enthusiastic shouts from the audience."

The report of a photographer who was present:

"Within three-quarters of an hour he had beaten to death the entire group of 45 to 50 people in this way ... After the entire group had been beaten to death, the young man put the club to one side, fetched an accordion and went and stood on the mountain of corpses and played the Lithuanian national anthem. ... The behavior of the civilians present (women and children) was unbelievable. After each man had been killed they began to clap. ... In the front row there were women with children in their arms who stayed there right until the end of the whole proceedings."

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