Monday, July 8, 2013

Encouragement from Mom

By Mikey B

Even if there are alternative ways to resolve a fight - and let's face it, there are - a young man needs to learn at an early age that there will be times he'll have to defend himself physically.

As a kid, I was good at talking my way out of trouble until I met a bully who wouldn't go away. After getting my tail whipped a couple of times, I realized that I needed the guidance from my father on defending myself. Problem was, he was rarely home to give me the time and teaching I needed. He was good at telling what was required, but not showing.

My mother, not wanting me to be pushed around and taken advantage of, filled the void and it made all the difference in the world. She tried every strategy in the world to get me to stand my ground, without much success.

The first time that I fought back against the bully that was tormenting me, she was there shouting encouragement throughout the scuffle. It was a major watershed moment in my life. I found my courage with her help and blessing. I felt reborn on that summer day and I also found a new respect for my mom.

(Later, I found that she practiced what she preached as I witnessed her take the measure of a loudmouthed and obnoxious neighbor. It was her only physical fight and I was exceptionally proud of her effort).

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  1. Moms are the best teachers at teaching boys to grow into men. Dads can teach the techniques of the fight but Moms put the heart and soul in it. Whether boys are cognizant of it, or not- it all boils down to sexual rivalry. I'm all for back yard arenas where Moms bring their boys to fight and to give added encouragement, girls their age should watch. After all, the girls need to see what boys need to do to gain their respect. Of course, I would use the arena later on in the evening for the Dads (LOL).



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