Monday, July 8, 2013

Mothers should be involved

By Lynda

Mothers should be involved, even in two parent homes, to show how boys should compete for and defend girls. I have a friend that actually allowed her kids to watch their dad fight for her to show them what's expected. I also know moms that set their sons up to fight each other.

I think small groups of women will encourage the boys to fight, especially if girls their own age are cheering them on. Other boys or men present may mess with their minds too much, at first. Just because a boy is a wimp doesn't mean he won't fight with the right encouragement. If you come down on him too hard he may never fight. It depends on the individual.


  1. Right on Lynda! So many fathers are busy earning a living in todays depressed financial climate that they often have to leave the upbringing of their sons to their wives or girlfriends. I'm glad to read that so many women are rising to the challenge. The first thing a mother has to teach her son is that he can't come running home to 'Mum' for support when the local bully gives him a black eye. She has to turn him right around and face the bully and fight again even if that means he gets another black eye. At least he will prove he is man enough to endure pain.
    I think that letting her son watch how his father is willing to fight another man over his wife is a great way to show boys early the essential lessons of chivalry and toughness. Not only should sons be allowed to watch but the father's daughters should watch as well so they can learn how men are expected to fight each other over women. Daughters will love and adore their fathers even more if they know he can really beat another man into pulp. The same principle applies to the daughters of soldiers because the girls know that their fathers are truly men.
    Mothers should definitely set up junior fight clubs where parents can come and watch their kids fight. This can be arranged on a regular times at friends basements in the winter or in the backyards in the summer. Again girls - some as young as the boy in the picture above - should come along as well and cheer on the boys. The presence of pretty enthusiastic girls at slugfests has always been an incentive for boys to really fight and show their testosterone and manly prowess.

  2. Fight clubs for boys? Absolutely. Husbands fighting for their wives while the kids watch? Absolutely. I think it should be genuine man to man sexual rivalry- nude. Of course, the kids should be well adjusted and up in their teens. My husband and I actually had many serious discussions about doing this but opted not to.


  3. Should boys be taught to fight dirty without any rules? In other words should boys be taught that its perfectly acceptable to punch or kick the other boy in the testicles if he gets the chance?

  4. The boys should fight. With out rules. Each fight should go until. One boy is unconscious. No quick tape out. Loser will have 2 minutes to get out of the ring. Or the winner. May continue the beating. No stopping for blood or. Broken bones. Fight will go on until winner decided it's over. Winner decides life or death.


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