Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nurse Heather: A Slow Night Turns FUN!!!

By Nurse Heather

It was a Tuesday night a few months ago and it was slow in the ER. I hate those nights. Nothing to do. No broken bones or severed limbs. No blood in sight. Even when they wheeled the kid in, it didn’t look like it would be all that interesting. He didn’t have any visible injury. But he was in a lot of pain, so I volunteered to take care of him.

His name was Simon and he was 15. Scrawny, glasses, pimples … a real ladies man. Well, if the lady in question gets off on watching losers suffer. Turns out he had fallen down the stairs in his house and dislocated his shoulder. His parents were off travelling in Europe and his brother was out, so the kid had to drag himself to the phone and call for the ambulance.

I tested the shoulder by wrenching it back and forth a few times before calling the doctor over. It was fun, but with it being such a slow night, I couldn’t really do much more to the wimp. It did take me about ten sticks before I could get his painkiller started but that’s sort of standard for me. Nothing special there.

Then, about two hours later, the kid’s brother showed up. Oh my god. They clearly were not from the same gene pool. The brother Rick was 21 and built like a God. Rick professed concern for his brother, but I could tell he was pissed off at being called away from whatever, or whoever, he was doing. And when little Simon saw big brother standing over him, he trembled in fear. That got my attention.

As we chatted about Simon’s condition, it was fairly obvious that Rick was checking me out. At one point, he slapped Simon on his damaged shoulder the way that brothers do. Simon was on enough pain med so that it didn’t register, but I must say, I liked Rick’s attitude. So when Simon was discharged, I offered to help Rick take him home. No extra charge. Rick’s eyes went right to my cleavage. He accepted the offer.

On the way home, with Simon mostly passed out in the back, we chatted and flirted. At one point, Simon started moan a bit. I told Rick the pain meds were probably wearing off and that we could give him more. If we wanted to. Rick laughed and said we should wait. He didn’t want his brother getting hooked on painkillers.

Simon was starting to whine about the pain by the time we got him home. He begged for another pill, but Rick just hoisted him over his shoulder and carried him upstairs. He dumped the crybaby in his room and slammed the door shut. Then he hurried back down to me.

Nature took its course and pretty soon we were making out. He had my tits in his large hands and I freed his giant cock from his pants. Just before I started sucking, I told him how seeing his brother in such pain had been a huge turn on for me. Then I swallowed his dick. Between his moans, he managed to say, “Damn, now I’m glad I threw the wimp down the stairs.”

I stopped sucking and looked up at him from my knees. “You threw him down the stairs?”

“Not exactly,” he said. “I just punched him in the belly and he fell down the stairs on his own.” It turns out little Simon had been whining about needing some things for a school project, but Rick had a date and he was running late. One thing led to another and poor Simon went down a flight of stairs. As Rick stepped over his body on his way out, he said Simon’s arm looked a little funny, but he didn’t think much of it.

I sucked his cock a few more minutes and said told him that I was feeling so horny. He suggested we go up to the bedroom. Just then, Simon, who had crawled out of his bed, showed up at the top of the stairs whining about how much his arm hurt. I could see the hatred burning in Rick’s eyes, so I whispered, “Why don’t you show me what you did to him before? Then we can go... upstairs.”

Rick took the stairs three at a time. In an instant, he was at the top. He wrenched little Simon up by his injured arm and then positioned him on the edge of the staircase. Simon was pleading with him, but I flashed Rick a smile and gave him a thumbs up. Rick delivered a haymaker to Simon’s gut and the kid practically flew halfway down the stairs before tumbling to the bottom.

We stood over him watching him writhe in pain. I put on my biggest pout and told Rick how disappointed I was. I was really hoping to see the other arm pop out of its socket, but it was still in tact. Rick snickered and said he could fix that. Then he grabbed Simon’s one good arm and wrenched it up. I began pinching my nipples as Rick placed his foot on Simon’s shoulder and with a mighty yank, ripped the arm up as he pressed his foot down. There was a loud pop, followed immediately by an even louder scream. And I creamed in my panties.

We left Simon writhing in pain at the bottom of the stairs as we ran up to the bedroom for a marathon fuckathon. Rick was awesome. Every time we heard Simon scream or beg for help we came again. Finally we drifted off to sleep.

Since little Simon didn’t even the use of one arm this time, he could not even drag himself to the phone to call for help as he had done before. So he just lay there all night and we didn’t get him any medical attention til the next day. By that time, the damage was so great that his left arm would never be normal again. And that meant that he couldn’t raise it to protect himself whenever Rick felt like punching him in the face. And oddly enough, he always seemed to feel like punching him in the face whenever I came over. Last I saw him, the left side of Simon’s face was beginning to look like the Elephant Man. And to think, the night that poor little Simon came in started off so slow and boring.

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  1. "Then he grabbed Simon’s one good arm and wrenched it up. I began pinching my nipples as Rick placed his foot on Simon’s shoulder and with a mighty yank, ripped the arm up as he pressed his foot down. There was a loud pop, followed immediately by an even louder scream."

    I have been in that hold before and it is so completely, unimaginably painful! It is such a helpless position too.


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