Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evil Cheerleader - Part Seven

By Hobrigef

...continued from Part Six!

Nine o'clock Saturday morning.

Denzil Harris was lying on his bed, feeling tense and exhausted. He was staring at his mobile as he had been all night. He hadn't slept a wink. "Give me your number, Denzil," she'd said, as she was telling him to leave. "I can't think straight just now. I'll make a decision and text you what it is. Just YES or NO will be the message, okay? NO means forget it and if it's YES, you put your nice new suit on and get over here to pick me up by five o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Prom starts at six, doesn't it? So whatever you do, don't be late. If you're a minute late, the YES becomes a NO. Do you understand, Denzil?"

"Yes, Tanya," he'd said, feeling relieved because he'd feared the worst.

He still felt horribly embarrassed by how he'd behaved. Not just the bum licking but afterwards when she'd indicated her displeasure. They'd both got dressed (semi dressed in Tanya's case, since she put her skirt and shoes back on but remained topless) and then Denzil, seized with terror that she was about to dump him, had sunk to the floor in a posture of abject supplication. He grovelled at Tanya's feet, begging and pleading for her to give him another chance. She said nothing for ages. Just stood there and let him beg. Every time Denzil looked up to see if his grovelling was working, she was gazing down at him with a strange half smile on her face. It wasn't the smile of a girl who was about to say everything was cool again.

So when she'd finally told him to get up and leave, but added that thing about texting him her decision, it WAS a relief. She'd also told him he could jack off when he got home, thinking about her sexy ass, and that was a relief too. "Just once though, poochie," she'd said. "And make sure you ARE thinking about my ass when you do it. Here's my number. I want you to text me when you've finished. Text me to say "Hi goddess Tanya, I've just wanked myself silly fantasising about your sexy ass." Those exact words. Understand, sugar?"

Denzil, noting she'd called him sugar, nodded and managed a thin smile.

Tanya wasn't smiling however. "Don't expect a reply though. Only text you're gonna get from me is the YES or NO one. That could arrive any time before four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Takes you 'bout an hour to get from your place to mine, right?" He nodded. "Yeah so if you haven't heard by four, you can assume it aint gonna happen. And the sooner I get your "wank about my sexy ass" message, the sooner you'll probably get my decision 'cos I'm not gonna think properly about it till then. I mean, why should I even CONSIDER going to the prom with a boy unless he jacks off every night, thinking about kissing my peachy bum? So, looks like you should seriously consider getting to work on that little dick of yours straight after you get home... shouldn't you, sweetie? Oh and one more thing ... I need to hear STRAIGHTAWAY that you know my decision, okay? So whether it's YES or it's NO ... and believe me, Denzil, it could go either way... but whichever it is, you need to text me back within one minute. You got that, baby? One minute. Just say "GOT IT TANS" that's all I wanna hear. If you don't do it within sixty seconds, then even if it was a YES it turns into a NO. Yeah? And no spelling mistakes, sugar, in either of your messages, otherwise you know what, right? Okay, pooch boy? You cool with all of that, my little poodle?"

First part of the process had been achieved without too much difficulty. When he'd got home last night (just before eleven, it was) he'd shot upstairs without even stopping to chat to his mother who'd stayed up waiting for him. A quick "hi mum," was about the size of it as he flew up to his bedroom and locked the door. Out came his little cock and within a couple of minutes he was pumping away to images of Tanya's luscious ass. Didn't take long.

Nor did the text because he'd keyed it in and stored it during his bus ride home. HI GODDESS TANYA, I'VE JUST WANKED MYSELF SILLY FANTASISING ABOUT YOUR SEXY ASS. Check all the spellings one more time. Send. Done.

So that was that. She'd said she'd be starting her serious consideration of whether to dump him or not as soon as she got that and he was hopeful of a quick decision. But it wasn't to be. Denzil had lain there all night staring fixedly at his phone and there was nothing. He would have liked to pass the time wanking again and again over Tanya but she'd been very clear on that. Once only she'd said, and so once only was how it had to be. He consoled himself with the thought that Tanya was right to take her time over such an important matter. In any case, he'd vastly prefer a slow YES to a quick NO!

Nine o'clock now and he knew he had to be up and about. He had a dinner suit to buy for one thing. Even if it turned out he wasn't taking Tanya to the prom, it felt better to proceed on the basis that he was. He wanted to be ready.

Seven hours to the four o'clock deadline and Denzil could only hope and pray that he got a text from her before then. Whatever he needed to do today, he was going to have to do it while staring at his phone... sixty seconds to reply was not long!


Denzil bought the suit, plus the gear to go with it. Bow tie, dress shirt etc. He also invested in a shiny new pair of shoes. It was tricky but he somehow managed to negotiate the whole transaction (including trying the stuff on) while holding his mobile up in front of his face. More difficult had been asking his mother for the money. They were poor and the amount he needed equated to over half their savings. He felt bad about asking (especially when he couldn't even look at his mother properly because of the business with the phone) but the conversation had gone a lot better than he'd feared. When she heard what he needed the money for - a smart outfit to take a pretty girl to the prom that evening - Mrs Harris had smiled and said, "Of course, dear." She then pulled down the biscuit tin in which she kept their meagre supply of cash "for a rainy day" and she presented Denzil with a stack of bills.

"Gee thanks, mum!" he exclaimed and he ran off to the shops.


Three thirty and Denzil was sitting in his bedroom. He was dressed and ready to go but STILL no text from Tanya! He was beyond anxious now. Only thirty minutes to the deadline. His thoughts were turning sadly to what he would do if Tanya had decided to dump him. He'd already told his mum that he was taking a girl to the prom, and he'd spent all the money she'd given him, so he was going to have to pretend. At four o'clock, if he hadn't got the longed for "YES" from Tanya, he'd have to go out anyway and just hang around by himself the whole evening ... preferably some place where he wouldn't look too conspicuous in a brand new dinner suit. Nothing sprang readily to mind. It was a prospect he dreaded.

Tanya and Brad were lying in her bed having just made out for the third time that afternoon. Tanya was fingering her phone. "So, should I send it now, sugar?" she giggled. "Put the poor boy out of his misery."

"Nah. Send it right on four o'clock," said Brad. "That way he'll be worried he's gonna be late the whole time he's running over here."

"Poor little Denzil," sniggered Tanya.

"Yeah, we're EVIL aren't we, Tans?" chuckled Brad.

Tanya shrugged and grinned. "God, I can't wait to see his face when he gets here and we tell him it's all been one big joke. How do you wanna do it, sugar?"

Brad mused for a while before replying. "Well, why don't you let him in and bring him through to the lounge and I'll just be sitting there waiting with a big fucking grin on my face. You got the cuffs all ready, baby?"

Tanya nodded. "Yeah, course. Checked they work and all, too."

"Good girl. Right, so then we just do what we said. We strip him, cuff his wrists and his ankles together so he can't move, and we stick him in the bath. Leave him there all night while we go to the prom. Before we go, we tell him all the stuff we're gonna do to him later."

"Omigod, he's gonna wanna die! Hey and I've had another little idea... we put cold water in the bath so he freezes his nuts off while he's waiting for us to come back."

"You're SUCH a bitch, Tans!" It was true, Brad thought. He could still hardly believe what she'd done the previous night ... how she'd teased the poor little bastard like that. Christ, if he didn't know her better, he'd have thought she was making it up! And when it came to dreaming up all the different ways they were planning to torture the poor wretch after the prom, well he thought HE had a cruel imagination but Tanya, she was something else. That thing with the chilli pepper she'd come up with, for example, oh sweet jesus!

"And why don't you slap him around a bit first, sugar? You know, when he's all tied up and helpless," giggled Tanya.

"What, before we put him in the bath?"

"Yeah, sugar. Be fun, don't you think?"

"Sure baby, I'd love to," grinned Brad.

"Hey it's four o'clock," giggled Tanya. "Should I give him the good news?"

"Do it, babe."


Way across town, the poor side of town, a none too fashionable mobile phone made a beeping sound. Denzil Harris heard it, saw the message and his face broke into the widest, happiest grin you could ever imagine.

He flew out of the house with just an excited little wave to his beaming mother.

The End

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