Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Fight for my Honor

By Vera Gundersen

This has been a long time fantasy of mine, ever since I was 13. Time to share it.

I'm in a gym hall. A dozen muscular men, wearing nothing but shorts, and gathered around a big mat.

I study them carefully, and eventually choose two competitors. They get on the mat. I rub body oil on both of them, getting slightly turned on by feeling their hard muscles under my hand as I do so. Then I take a seat to watch the fight.

The two men start punching each other wherever they can reach. The sight of their muscles working as they punch each other, and their bodies breaking a sweat makes me shift in my seat with pleasure.

The sounds of the two young, strong men hitting each other, grunting and breathing hard is like music to my ears, and my heart leaps as one of them manages to make the other bleed. As they continue, one of them becomes weaker, and the stronger man continues to punch him in the face and stomach.

"Enough!" he finally yells.

The winning man looks to me.

"Beat him up!" I yell, breathing heavy.

He shrugs, and does as he is told. He punches the weaker man several more times in the guts and face.

When he is on his knees, I stop the fight. I removed my panties, and walk over to them. I rub my cunt, go over to the loser. I put the same hand I had rubbed myself with over his nose. "Take a deep breath," I tell him, and he does.

Then I push him so he falls over. I turn to the winner and rip off his shorts. His huge dick is rock hard. I gently stroke it, and can feel it pulsating in my hand. The next moment he lifts me up, and wraps my legs around his waist. He fucks me hard.

Over his shoulder, I could see the loser laying down, watching us with a sad expression. I wink at him, and blow him a kiss, before totally forgetting about him. The winner pumps harder and harder until I reach climax, feeling his warm semen inside me.

I step down and kiss him. I go back to the loser, rubbing my cunt once again, filling my hand with a mixture of the winner's semen and my own juices. I rub it in his hair.

"Better luck next time."


  1. Wow!!! You said you first had this fantasy when you were only thirteen. That would be so fucking hot to see a thirteen year old girl do something like that.

    Bad Dad

  2. That is very erotic Vera.

  3. It happened to me something like this once. To give the battler bj after the beating was so wet and then it was the best fuck ever ! xoxoxo

  4. Vera, you really have a gift with this material! Your treatment of the looser, and "the sounds of
    two......" is beautifully articulated!!!! thank you. write to me anytime! BK26


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