Sunday, October 20, 2013

Giggling Girls Running Over Men With Their Car!

The parking lot ahead of him loomed large as he ran for his life. The roar of the vehicle got louder, but he could still hear the laughter of the girls. The girls were Alicia and Brooke. Alicia was at the wheel of her 2008 BMW X3 SUV, and Brooke rode shotgun. In their headlights was a homeless man they had found in this large mall parking lot late at night, and this is where they would squash him into the asphalt once they tired of toying with him.

This was a horrifying experience for the 45 year old homeless man, and it was a fun hobby to relieve boredom for the two 18 year old girls. They were both rich and spoiled. Alicia was a brunette, 5’2” tall, with an athletic build and very beautiful. Other than bum squishing as they called it, she enjoyed riding her horses, tennis and just working on her tan by the pool. Brooke was Alicia’s best friend. She was a blonde, 5’1” tall, and also athletic and beautiful. On her nights to drive, her weapon of choice was her 2008 Lexus SUV that she just got a few months ago. She had already condemned 12 people to their deaths under her tires, for a total of over 50 kills since she got her license. Alicia was currently working on her 15th kill, and had racked up nearly 100 in two short years of driving.

Homeless or lower class people, no matter if they were men, women or children, were open game for the amusement of the rich and privileged in this new society. There were no laws to protect them, so they had to hide as much as possible to avoid falling prey to those cruel upper class people such as the two teenagers this night.

The homeless man knew he would not survive, but yet he kept running. He saw a fence up ahead, and instinct led him to try, but inevitably, they would catch up to him before then, and he knew this. Tears streamed down his face as his heart pounded hard, and his lungs gasped for air.

Alicia saw the fence too.

“Oh oh!, time to kick it up a notch” she said, tingling in anticipation.

She applied pressure to the gas pedal and the large SUV sprang forward. The homeless man looked back to see the front grill within inches. His feet tangled, and he fell as the large SUV overtook him. As he rolled on the asphalt under the vehicle, the driver side tire caught his right ankle and snapped it. He rolled violently, arms and legs flailing and his head hit the rear axle, knocking him nearly unconscious.

The girls squealed in delight as they could hear the homeless man bang around under their BMW, accompanied by his screams and groans. Then it stopped, and they turned to see his body tumble some more until he came to rest. Alicia turned her vehicle around and drove up the now disabled man, and stopped a few feet short. She left the headlights on, and both girls got out of the car.

The homeless man lay on the asphalt, his right arm severely broken, his right ankle broken, his head bleeding, and bruised in many other places. He opened his eyes and saw the vehicle come to a stop before him. He heard the opening and closing of two doors, and saw two approaching figures. Two young girls, so beautiful, so cruel.

Alicia walked up to the man, and laughed. Brooke giggled as well as she prodded his right shoulder with her foot. He winced and groaned in pain and they both laughed again.

Alicia stepped up closer and took out her camera. She liked to snap before and after pictures of her victims.

“Smile for the camera before I turn you into a spot on the pavement” she said, as the flash went off.

He could not look up at the girls, but heard them laugh and saw flashes from a camera. All he could see were their feet and legs. One, the driver, wore a pair of Nike Shox sneakers, and the other girl was in flip flops. The blood from his head trickled along the pavement towards the girl’s right sneaker.

Alicia looked down to see his blood pool.

“Ewww,” she said as she lifted her right sneaker to find a tiny bit of blood on the sole.

She extended her foot to his face and said “Lick it off now... and maybe I’ll let you live”

The homeless man knew that this would never happen, but he hoped that his obedience would gain a quick death rather than a long one. He extended his tongue and licked his own blood from her shoe. The girls both threw their heads back and laughed at this, and Alicia took more pictures.

After a few minutes of this, she withdrew her foot.

“Well my poor little friend, I’m afraid I have to finish you off, and get back home. I’ve got class tomorrow.”

With that, she spun around and walked back to her SUV. The girls settled in on their plush leather seats and closed the doors. Alicia dropped the transmission into drive and said

“The homeless…rich people’s speedbumps”. They both laughed and with that, she pressed her foot on the accelerator, and the BMW moved towards the helpless man.

The man tried to crawl away, but he didn’t get very far. The driver’s side tires rolls over his lower legs, snapping bones, causing the man to scream in agony. The girls had no intentions of killing this man slowly. They ran over his legs a dozen times, until there was nothing but mangled bones and blood below his torso. His screams were now moans and he felt himself lose consciousness. He heard the roar of the SUV again, and looked over to see the driver side tire roll up on his lower torso. Blood spewed from his mouth as his insides were crushed slowly. He could still hear the girls talk and laugh overhead.

They ran over his torso a few more times until Alicia rolled the front driver tire up onto his upper back, and stopped. Amazingly, he was still alive, but barely. Blood ran out his ears, nose and mouth. His insides were splayed out on the pavement, amongst the bloody tire tracks. He heard the doors open, and soon, the girls feet were in front of him again.

“Holy Shit, he’s still alive Brooke” Alicia said as she crouched down next to her victim

“Where does it hurt?” she asked, and they both laughed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever crushed someone this much, and he’s still alive. This is awesome!” chirped Alicia.

“Ok Alicia, let’s finish this piece of shit off and head out” said Brooke, and they got back inside their vehicle. He could feel the weight of the vehicle increase slightly when they got in. His life was seeping out of him one quart of blood at a time.

Alicia took a sip from her Coke, put the transmission into drive, and stepped on the gas, spinning her tire, which threw his flesh and blood back under her car.

The next pass, she aimed for his head.

“Bye bye” she cooed as she drove her front driver side tire over his head. A loud crunch could be heard below as his brains spewed out over the pavement. His eyeball popped out and was subsequently squashed by her rear tire. He was dead. The girls squealed in excitement as they had finished off another victim.

They ran over him a few more times, reducing him to a mound of flesh only a few inches thick. Alicia jumped out one last time and took the “after pictures”, giggled and blew him a kiss, and drove off. Ohh what a fun night. Time to get the BMW home for the slaves to wash so it would be ready to drive to school tomorrow.


  1. Nice one! Love the idea of spoiled little rich girls tormenting unfortunates.

  2. great, would love to see more stories like this

  3. Love to see them do a family. Watching their eyes pop out of their skulls

  4. Would like to see a school bus stop.
    Running over the kids. Crushing them splattering their brains over the road


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