Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nurse Heather: The Special at El Fogon

By Nurse Heather

Working in a major metropolitan hospital can be fun, but it can also get stressful. Sometimes a girl just needs a break. So I decided to head south for my vacation. Argentina. Beautiful scenery. Good steaks. And plenty of intriguing men. After all, it’s where many of the Nazis escaped to. You can’t tell me that doesn’t make for some interesting genetic lines.

My first night there, I asked the cabbie to take me to the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires. He smiled wryly and asked how far I was willing to travel. I told him distance didn’t matter. He drove me past all the fancy touristy neighborhoods and away from the city. It was pretty clear we were in the slums. The sick and filthy. The thugs. My heart began beating a little faster.

We arrived at a non-descript warehouse with block lettering above the door: El Fogon. Large men holding snarling Dobermans guarded the door. They smiled politely and opened the door for me as I approached. I petted one of the dogs, but he kept right on snarling.

Inside, the place was a different world. Elegant furnishings. Distinguished men and beautiful women. And an aroma that had to come from heaven. Not long after I was seated, a waiter came and asked what I was in the mood for. Before I could get my order out, a deep voice spoke in Spanish behind me. The waiter nodded and scurried off. I turned and found a stunning man, the very picture of tall, dark, and handsome. He bowed and spoke in perfect English. “I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of ordering for you.” I didn’t mind in the least. I asked him to join me.

When he found out I was a nurse, his eyes lit up. He was a doctor and also a co-owner of the El Fogon. He explained that he ordered their specialty for me. Much more interesting than a normal steak. When it came, I was blown away. It was a stew of barbecued meat in a sweet and tangy sauce, more tender and flavorful than anything I’ve ever tasted. I started to moan in pleasure as I ate. His hand on my thigh didn’t hurt either. If course, I thanked him for his courtesy with a blowjob in place of dessert.

He invited me to visit him in his hospital the next day. I wasn’t all that keen on coming to a hospital on my vacation, but the prospect of seeing him again convinced me. Besides, he said he thought I would find it fascinating.

If anything, the hospital was in a worse part of town than El Fogon. It was crawling with the poor and sick. All ages, in tatters, begging any passersby for food and for help. I couldn’t help but giggle as I stepped over them. A girl could really have fun here if she knew how the system worked. Oh well. I doubted I’d be here long enough to find a playmate or two.

Unlike the restaurant, the inside of the hospital was just as repulsive as the outside. The crying and screaming didn’t really bother me, but I must admit the smell took me aback. Apparently, hygiene was not a priority here. There was a battered old card table that served as a reception desk and I asked the nurse there to announce me. 

As I waited, a scrawny young man, reeking of vomit staggered up and begged to be seen by a doctor. The nurse told him how much it would cost and he sobbed that he had no money. He said he was having nightmares and hadn’t slept in a week. The nurse wasted no time. She called over two mammoth men dressed as orderlies and spoke briefly to them. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but I did get the gist of what she said. “Get this drug addict scum out of here.” The orderlies each grabbed an arm and the sound of bones cracking could be heard throughout the room. Everyone suddenly grew quiet and watched in horror as the orderlies “escorted” the man out of the hospital. Along the way, they smashed his face into the wall, shattering his nose. When he fell, they yanked him up by his hair, ripping out much of his scalp. At the door, they each took turns driving their fists into his groin til he puked. Then they literally kicked him out the door. The nurse chuckled. “That ought give him some new nightmares.”
Dr. Garcia touched my shoulder. I had no idea how long he had been watching the brutality. He made no reference to it. Just kissed me on the cheek and took me back to his office. “You must have similar problems with those who can’t pay in the States” he said. “Yes, but you seem to deal with it much more efficiently here,” I smiled.

Once he closed the door to his office, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. The little scene in the waiting room had my pussy on fire. But he pushed me away. “We should wait. I have some business to attend to first.”

He opened another door and we were in a rather large operating theater. There were several machines that I did not immediately recognize. And there were several drains in the floor. Two men sat in chairs in the center of the room. One was a young, well built man. Nice looking, but obviously very poor. The man next to him was much older and feeble. Behind the seated men stood two more orderlies, even bigger than the two I had seen in the waiting room.

The young man began speaking as soon as we entered. “Please, doctor. My grandfather is very sick. I have been told he needs an operation but we cannot afford it. I understand you sometimes make special payment arrangements.”

Dr. Garcia stayed very professional as he glanced over the old man’s medical chart. Then he shook his head. “I’m afraid your grandfather will die regardless of what is done. I’m sorry.”

“Please,” the young man begged. “You have to be able to do something. At least try. He’s my only family. He means everything to me.”

“You’ve heard the expression “an arm and a leg?” I’m afraid that’s what it will cost.”

“I don’t care,” the young man shouted. “I’ll pledge my life to you. I work for you til I die. I’ll do anything you require.”

Dr. Garcia glanced over at me and I saw a brief smile flicker across his face. “Very well.” He nodded to the orderlies. Without the need for another word, they grabbed the young man and carried him to an operating table. He looked fearful but tried not to struggle as they strapped him down. Dr. Garcia pressed an intercom buzzer and a moment later, two young women in surgical scrubs entered. They dressed Dr. Garcia in a large protective smock. He instructed them to cover me as well, then he motioned me over to the table.

The young man looked up, fear in his eyes. Dr. Garcia smiled down at him. “What shall it be? Arm or leg first?” Then I saw the orderlies wheeling a large circular saw toward the table. My knees buckled. “Adrenaline,” he barked at one of the women and she injected a large needle directly into the young man’s chest. When he screamed, I almost orgasmed on the spot.

Dr. Garcia started up the saw, then tied a tourniquet around the young man’s upper left thigh. As he moved the whirling blade closer and closer to the thigh, he shot me a glance. The cruelty in his eyes pushed me to the edge. He was still looking into my eyes as the blade contacted the flesh. That did it. I felt like I was exploding in my panties. Blood was spraying all over. I moved closer to let it drench my smock. For the first time, I thought to look over at the old man, still sitting in a chair. He was clearly not all there, but I could see a glimmer of recognition. Of pain, and of fear.

When the leg was totally severed, Dr. Garcia moved very quickly to control the bleeding and close the wound. I instinctively moved in to assist. As he worked, he explained to me that there really wasn’t much reason to keep the young man alive at this point, but it was simply more fun to do it this way. I told him I couldn’t agree more.

“Time for that arm.” As the blade neared the young man’s arm, he screamed loud enough shatter an eardrum. Dr. Garcia smiled down at him. “Don’t tell me you are rethinking your offer.” The young managed to croak out a plea for mercy. He begged the doctor not to take his arm. Dr. Garcia calmly explained that he could not treat the old man if the young man reneged. Still the young man begged for his arm. “Very well.”

Again, the good doctor nodded to the orderlies. This time, they grabbed the feeble old grandfather and ripped his thin garments off. One of them carried the old man to the corner of the room while the other lifted the cover off a large machine waiting there. When I saw what he had uncovered, I had my second orgasm.

“Here, let’s make sure you can see what your cowardice has resulted in,” Dr. Garcia said to the young man. He tilted the operating table so the young man could see the huge meat grinder in the corner. One orderly switched it on, while the easily raised the old man’s body toward the mouth. The scream froze in the young man’s throat as he watched his beloved grandfather being fed feet first into the grinder. Blood sprayed. Bones cracked, and a lovely red meat came out the other end. I was transfixed as more and more of his body vanished. Finally only his head was left. His eyes had started to bleed and he had clearly been dead for several moments when the head disappeared into the hungry machine. I heard the crunching, then silence.

“That’s for the dogs,” Dr. Garcia instructed, and the orderlies carried the fresh meat out of the room. He handed a scalpel to one of his nurses and motioned toward the young man, now frozen in unspeakable terror. “This one is for the restaurant.” He walked over to me and kissed my hand. I reached into his pants and pulled out his massive erection. He bent me over one of the tables so he could pound my pussy while I watched the two nurses carve up the young man right in front of me.

That night, we had another wonderful special at El Fogon. Even the dogs looked happy.

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