Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When a Man's Spirit is Broken

By Audrey

When a guy's spirit is broken, it shows in his face, in his eyes and in his voice.

I think most people can tell when he's faking it or when he really is begging for mercy. Tears don't always prove he is completely destroyed emotionally, because I  have seen tears in the eyes of angry men and if you get off of him and let him up, he might try to fight again, even if  he's hurt. He might try to get revenge for the  humiliation.

It's true that you could kill an unconscious man easy enough. You could jump on his head or bang his head on the ground, strangle or  suffocate him. But being unconscious and  vulnerable isn't as interesting as when he's   awake with his will to resist crushed by his dominator.

Imagine yourself on top of him. You look down  at his face and you see that he won't meet  your gaze. He doesn't try to move his arms to even try to push you off. He looks at me with  shame, but also with pleading in his  eyes, as if he hopes I might take pity and ask you to let him up.

I'm smiling, but it's clear that I'm enjoying his discomfort. I make suggestion that I know he doesn't want to happen to him, something cruel or even lewd. His eyes squeeze shut in anticipation of you performing what I suggested, but he doesn't even squirm, resigned to his next torment. He might mumble some small plead, perhaps that he can't breathe or something like that, but he doesn't have enough fight left in him to struggle.

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  1. This is what the law of the jungle is about – breaking another man’s spirit, in order for him to either leave, or be no longer a competitor in the mating game. He will be hormonally castrated for the time being, even if he suffered no serious injuries.


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