Friday, November 1, 2013

Anti-bullying nonsense

By Audrey

Most women don't want to talk about enjoying it when men are around.

Most girls are taught that nice girls don't enjoy violence, and certainly not to encourage violence.

It's not as common today, what with anti-bullying and zero-tolerance nonsense everywhere we turn, but schoolyard fights were rather common when I was a little girl. The girls were just as likely to gather around to watch as the boys were, and sometimes more so.

Most of these fights ended up on the ground in wrestling matches, with some punching and kicking until one boy was sitting on top of the other, pinning his arms down with his hands until the loser simply gave up. But sometimes the boy who was losing was unpopular for some reason and the winner was encouraged to continue the beating or whatever torture he was inflicting.

Sometimes other boys and girls would shout suggestions for further torment of the loser and sometimes I was among those who did.

Most of the shouted suggestions were from boys, but girls talking among themselves would often say things more quietly concerning things they wanted the winner to do to the loser and sometimes the ideas were much more cruel and humiliating than anything the boys were suggesting.


  1. I was quite in school. So a couple of guys decided to. Try and pick on me. Lets get this straight. I was 6ft 190 lbs my senior year. These guys where just a little bigger. They started to shove me. I said dont they laughed. I said you dont want to do this. One threw a punch. I steped a side graped his head ramming it into the lockers then. Did a spining back kick. To his freinds chest. Both layed on the ground. I told you walk away. And just left. Ps I was a 3rd degree black belt


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