Thursday, November 7, 2013

If you like boots, why don't you lick them?

By New Michelle

I remember in school, just before leaving school, their was a bully who beat a boy. The bully had him on the floor and supported himself with both hands on desks either side of him while he kicked his face repeatedly. This was the first time I felt something wet down below as I watched. I wanted to rub myself but was scared of being seen. Even though the boy's face was bleeding heavily, he continued kicking him over and over... some girls were shouting "Again! Again!" and it must have got them wet, too.

Another instance was also in school. A bully made another weaker boy kiss his boots while others watched. I was with some girlfriends and he made the boy lick all our shoes. I felt a power rush and I am sure the other girls did also.

After leaving school, I used to hang around with a gang of girls and boys. I remember I had my first pair of high heeled, black, knee-high platform boots at that time. One night, when we were hanging out, I noticed that one of the boys couldn't take his eyes off my boots. One of the other girls noticed this too and said to him, "If you like her boots so much, then why not lick them?"

We all just laughed, but in a flash he was kneeling at my feet, licking my boots!

We all just stood and watched, laughing at him, as he licked the toe, platform sole and heel of my boots. I think this is what has given me a "thing" about bootlicking. Once again, I felt a huge surge of power and got wet below. I also started to fantasise about how much damage and pain I could have caused him if I kicked his face with these beautiful but dangerous boots while they were being licked.  Even today, I feel a power rush whenever I put on boots.  I have even cleaned the whole of my house completely naked except for a pair of platform knee boots!


  1. I loved your story Michelle. I also get a power rush when I wear my boots, especially when my father licks the heels. That really turns me on.


  2. Lucky you, I can't find a girl to lick her boots. I mean, I could do anything just to be trampled and to lick womans boots. B.Boy

  3. I like licking girls boots but now I know they enjoy the feeling of power they have over lickers I'll enjoy it all the more.

  4. Mmm, bullied loser forced to lick the pretty girl's boots. I'd love to see that. That would be very horny.

  5. this made me cum

  6. it would be sexy if the classy girls were wearing designer high heel pumps.
    maybe the alpha males could cum on their sexy high heels shoes and force loser to lick them clean afterwards as this hot scene would turn on the classy girls.

  7. Oh yeah definitely. Classy girl in designer pumps, loser down on his belly licking them clean. Love it!

  8. What a completely bullshit story.

  9. The loser was me and guess what you bluepill manginas and bitches, you shitty people were having a 30-06 round in your fucking head.


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