Tuesday, November 5, 2013

...even if it's my boyfriend who's laying on the ground bleeding

By Jessica

What really gets me is the idea of being taken by the winner of a fight. I love the idea of two guys fighting over me and I just can't help but rip off the winner's clothes right there, even if it's my boyfriend who's laying on the ground bleeding.

It's just the idea of feeling the hands, that are so strong and were just used to beat another guy down, are now running all over my body. Having the loser forced to watch as this stronger man pushes the back of my head down onto his throbbing erection. I don't even care if I was rooting for the loser originally. Maybe it was my boyfriend defending me, but if he's lying down, beaten and bruised, I can't stop myself from going after the victor. Even better if he also has a bigger cock, everything that makes it more humiliating for the pathetic loser makes me get even hotter.

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