Friday, November 1, 2013

Just enjoy it

By Audrey

I have almost always enjoyed watching a loser pinned down and tormented much more than seeing him simply knocked out. When I've seen this I always felt like I was participating simply by enjoying it even though I was often only sitting nearby and watching.

I enjoy it most when I'm actively suggesting things being done to the loser or cheering for what the winner is doing to him, encouraging him to torment him more.
It's best when I have something against the loser but I have enjoyed watching such things at times even when the loser is the one I originally wanted to win.

I don't always change sides and cheer for the one who is obviously going to win but I have done so on many occasions.

I can't explain why I sometimes find it exciting and stimulating betraying a man and cheering for his defeat and humiliation but I have accepted it as a feeling that I can't control, so I just enjoy it.

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