Friday, November 1, 2013

Pain Holds vs. KOs

By Bull

If I had the opportunity in life, I would prefer to hold a loser down and humiliate him endlessly with pain holds and verbal taunting.

KO's are humiliating, yes, but all over too soon and not entertaining enough. If you cannot get up, OK, then you will be laughed at a bit that will also pass.

I cannot talk for women, but they like slow sex. So if I was a femme fatale I would have liked a sight for many minutes, even hours on and off, of total domination of the loser. When the winner gets bored or the loser can really not take any more, the encounter can always be rounded of with a KO.

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree with Bull's comments. It seems a waste to simply finish a fight with a clean knock out. Most spectators don't really want that especially if the fight has been a long slow slugfest. By the time one guy is on the ground the spectators are so aroused with battle lust that they want to see the winner inflict all sorts of pain and humiliation on the loser. Its the 'icing on the cake'. Many people I've spoken say that this is the part of fight which they really look forward and the more "original" the torture the better!


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