Monday, December 23, 2013

Anal Ally

We were enjoying a late night drink in a bar when my husband visited the toilet. As soon as he was gone a staggering, muscle-bound young man crashed down next to me, grinning like a drunken ape.

"Hey Sweet cheeks! Y'fancy a hot beef injection?" His cider breath burping into my face as he leered at my breasts.

"Nice sweater puppies, sexy pants, I'm Bry!"

"I don't like how you are talking to me and my husband will be back soon!" I told him, my voice quivering as I tried to sound assertive.

"What, y'don't like young cock?" He asked incredulously.

We reckoned a fuckbunny like you'd be drooling clitty litter like a fuck'n pit bull for some young cock!"

"Here's my husband!" I told him, relieved to see Jonny walking across.

My drunken admirer shot a quick look at Jonny and then continued to stare at my breasts.

"Fuck off, mate!" Bry said as soon as Jonny arrived. "I'm tapping up the MILF cooch!"

And then to me, "Y'wanna play hide the sausage then, Sugar Tits?"

I looked at Jonny, expecting him to intervene and was utterly dismayed when he just stood helplessly, his weedy body stooped submissively and his eyes wide with fear watching his wife being insulted.

"Erm.....I think we should leave." Jonny finally said, pathetically quietly and warily.

"Nah, mate! This sausage jockey's staying here to get her ham flap's fucked!" He said without even looking round and actually grabbing my breast through my blouse. Jonny held out his hand for me.

"Come on. We're leaving!"

"Fuck off, mate! I've told you once!" Bry said, turning on Jonny and giving him a shove with one muscular arm. James's puny body flew backwards, his face like a rabbit in headlights, as he landed arse first in the pool of his spilt drink.

Realising Jonny was going to be completely useless as my protector, I pushed past Bry and left, telling my husband to follow me with complete contempt.

Needless to say, I was furious and Jonny and I argued all night. He just sat there, making excuses for his cowardice like 'it's better not to cause trouble' and 'fighting's uncivilised'. I called him a wimp and and found myself loathing his sad, puny frame as he sat hunched and beaten, taking my verbal assault like a frightened puppy.

I made him sleep in the spare room. I went to bed to angry too sleep and tossed about in bed reliving the evening and James's pathetic failure to protect me. But as I calmed down, I found myself thinking about Bry's muscular torso. He must have been about the same age as my son, and it was quite flattering that he had found a woman of fifty worth chatting up. I pictured his giant biceps flexing under his T-shirt as he had thrown Jonny like a rag doll and my fingers slid down to my pussy. I began to swirl my finger around my clitoris, picturing his powerful torso and his animal attraction to me.

Strong, selfishly misogynistic, impulsive, I pictured him taking me, fucking me, no love making, just using me and discarding me. Nothing like the pathetic gentle love making James tried.

He had no regard for my pleasure, just rutting me like an animal, his powerful thrusts ramming into me with ferocious force. Jonny tried to stop him, and he stopped long enough to smash his balls and face.

Waves of pleasure soured through my body as I climaxed picturing Bry beating my husband.

Afterwards, I lay luxuriating in one of the most intense orgasms I could remember whilst James lay humiliated and disgraced in the other room. I never thought I would be aroused at the idea of my husband being humiliated and beaten but something had changed. Overnight I had lost all respect for Jonny, I almost despised his puny body and pathetic intellectualism, and I wanted him to be beaten up by Bry who would then fuck me.

Over breakfast the next morning, I continued my verbal assault as Jonny sat looking dejected and miserable. I brow beat him into submission, surprised at my own feelings of contempt, and swore to leave the pathetic wimp if he didn't take me back to the bar and stand up for me. He looked terrified, made every excuse he could think of, and then defeated and scared, he actually agreed. My pussy was soaking in expectation of his beating.

Jonny actually spent the week doing press-ups in a hilarious attempt to match my young man at the bar and on Friday we went to the bar.

I dressed like a slut, more daringly than I had ever dressed before, hoping that my exposed cleavage and thighs would entice plenty of violence towards my husband.

At the door to the pub I turned to Jonny.

"Scared sweetie?" I sneered at him and then walked into the bar, Jonny following tentatively.

"Hi Bry, remember me?" I said perkily, giving Bry a wave where he stood at the pool table.

"Hey, It's Sugar Tits! And this time your flashing the juggies! Nice one fuckbunny!" Bry shouted across the bar.

"Well, get me a drink!" I snapped at Jonny, sitting on a stool by the pool table so Bry could see my short skirt and low-cut top whenever he wanted. By the time James had bought a drink, Bry was over with his usual charming chat up lines.

"I bet that clunge is fuck'n dripping for a good porking! Eh, Muffin?"

I pushed my breasts out for him. "All for you, if you can get past my hubby!" I told him, my pussy dripping with expectation.

"That fuck'n wimp!" Bry sneered. Jonny came over with the drinks and Bry immediately poured James's pint over his head.

"Fuck of, dick-head! The yummy-mummy wants some young cock pounding her tuna taco tonight!"

Jonny stood, dripping in lager, actually trembling with fear. His cowardice made me sick.

"Go on then, defend me!" I snapped.

" she's not!" Was Jonnys outstandingly witty rejoinder. Then he swang at Bry, his skinny arm flailing uselessly as his fist tapped Bry on the cheek. I felt my pussy tingle as Bry's eyes clouded over with immense fury. His hand slid into his pocket and came out with a steel knuckle duster on his fingers. I nearly came as Bry's fist slammed into Jonny's face, busting his nose and splattering blood with one hit. James crumpled to the floor.

"Wanker!" Bry said dismissively and spat on Jonny.

This was so hot and I wanted more. I blew Bry a kiss and then bent down to Jonny.

"Come on! Defend me, you wimp!" He was clutching his smashed nose and moaning.

"Pathetic!" I told him and went over to Bry and actually kissed him this time. Bry just stood there grinning as I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and rubbed my pussy against his thigh.

"Please, make him hurt more!" I whispered into his ear. I felt Bry's big hand push up my skirt. I wasn't wearing any panties, so his fingers went straight up my soaking pussy. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. Having my husband beat up and letting a stranger touch my most intimate parts. I was so turned on.

"Fuck'n'hell! This whore monkey's so desperate her cock socket feels like a horse chewing oats!" Bry announced to the bar, making me blush. He took his hand out of my pussy and wandered over to hurt Jonny.

"Get up, wimp. Your wife wants me to hit you again!"

When Jonny didn't respond, Bry yanked him up by his hair and then winking at me, punched my husband in the stomach. Jonny buckled forward, sounding like he was vomiting, and his face crashed into Bry's raised knee. Bry grabbed Jonny's head and pummelled his face with his knee. When he finished, Jonny fell to the floor, his puny body completely limp. His nose was pouring blood and clearly broken. His lips and eyes were swollen and vomit slid from his slack mouth. Bry swaggered back over to me, putting his hand back up my pussy.

"You're loving this aren't you, y'fuck'n bushpig!" He took his hand out of my pussy and brought it up to my lips. It was covered in my pussy juices and Jonny's blood. I licked Bry's hand, staring lustfully into his eyes.

"Hurt his balls! Please, make him cry! This is making me so wet" I begged.

"Okay, fuck pig! I wanna see you soaking the whisker biscuit though!"

I looked anxiously round the bar. There was only a couple of young men who were with Bry and the barman in the room.

"Y'all wanna see the cock jockey gusset typing?" Bry asked the room to a loud cheer. I was desperate to see my husband hurt more so I hitched up my skirt and brazenly began playing with my clitoris in front of the men. In one evening I had gone from a happily married middle aged woman to some slut who flashed her pussy to strangers and masturbated while her husband was battered. I felt more alive and sexy than ever.

Bry bent over my husband's limp body and stripped it from the waist down. I could hear Jonny moaning weakly as his body was dragged across the floor. Bry had his friends hold one of Jonny's legs each as he lay face up on the floor and then proceeded to viciously kick my husband's balls over and over. By the time he stopped, Bry was out of breath and Jonny had gone from begging, to screaming, to a constant wailing.

"Fuck'n'hell! That was some workout!" Bry said, his hands on his thighs as he caught his breath.

"A bit more.....I'm going to cum!" I begged, frantically working my clit. With a look of disbelief, Bry grabbed a glass off the counter and put it over Jonny's battered cock and balls. Leaping into the air he landed boots first on the glass, shattering it under his heels and driving the shards of glass into Jonny's cock and balls. He ground his boot heel over and over into Jonny's groin and I loudly climaxed on my fingers. Jonny was unconscious now and badly needed hospital intervention and I badly needed Bry to fuck me.

"Fuck me!" I pleaded.

"What a fucked up cum dump!" He said with contempt and then dragged me by my wrist to the men's toilet. He pushed me to my knees and I rabidly unzipped his cock and took it into my mouth. Just the thought of pleasuring the man who had beaten my husband unconscious was overwhelmingly sexy and I licked and sucked him devotedly.

"Y'know what the best thing about a blow job is?" I shook my head, his cock still in my throat. "ten minutes of silence!" His lack of respect and contempt drove me wild.

He let me slobber on his cock for a few minutes and then pulled his cock out of my mouth. I immediately hitched up my skirt and turning round, offered him my jutting arse.

"Here's another one for yer!" He said, his cock head pushing at my sphincter. I thought it was a mistake and raised my hips to help him find my pussy, but he slapped my arse down.

"What are the three reasons anal's better than pussy sex?" He snarled, pushing his hard cock against my sphincter.

It's warmer..." His cock forced its way past my opening.

"it's tighter...." He pushed himself all the way in.

"and it's more degrading to the woman." He laughed, suddenly yanking my arms aside so that my face fell onto the toilet floor. He held my face there with one strong hand on my neck and pounded my arse without mercy. My cheek ground across the filthy toilet floor with each savage thrust and I rubbed my clitoris frantically. The thought of being taken in such a degrading way by the man who had destroyed my husband drove me wild. When I felt Bry's hot seed blasting into my rectum I climaxed savagely, my sphincter spasming on his hard cock in wave after wave of pleasure.

Always the gentleman, Bry wiped his cock on a handful of my hair and then stood whistling and pissing at the urinal.

"It's fuck'n'true! Women are like dogshit! The older they are, the easier they are to pick up! See ya next time that desperate cock socket needs filling, Dog Shit!"

. Jonny had recovered consciousness when we returned to the bar and his obviously extreme pain and injuries made me want the all powerful Bry again. I waited for the ambulance squatting over Jonny's battered face dripping Bry's cum out of my ass onto his swollen lips. We made up some story to account for the injuries and the paramedics said they expected Jonny would be in hospital for at least two weeks. I offered Bry two weeks of free bed, board and sex on the condition he beat my husband again the moment he got out of hospital.

"Sounds good to me, Dog Shit!" He said, making my pussy tingle.


  1. You're a beautiful woman.

  2. You're so beautiful and so SEXY! !... I Love women in black lace!!!

  3. Your description how Bry merclesly show his pure man power over your weak hubby made me come, dear ! I still wonder how much he oversized him with his manhood sweety ?

  4. Don't have him beat your husband up right away. Have Bry threaten your husband, but make your husband think he can get out of a beating by putting on a lacy pink bra and sheer silky pantyhose, write "Bry's cunt" on your belly in permanent marker, begging Bry to fuck you, and finally by thoroughly worshiping Bry's cock and balls and sucking his cock. Then Bry can beat up your husband.

  5. This story has always been a favorite of mine.... I remember that it used to have great pics.


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