Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maia's hot boyfriend!

By Maia

His face breaks out in sweat as the wimpy guy spots him.

"I'll be right back,"my boyfriend says, and gives me a kiss before approaching him. "Hi loser, where are you going?"He pushes him hard so he slams into his locker right behind him.

"Uhh.... I've just been in the cafeteria..." he stutters.

"Oh yeah? What did you have?"

"I uh...had..."

"Sorry, this is taking too long." My boyfriend punches the wimp in the belly. The wimp bends forward, wimpers and throws up on the floor. My boyfriend turns his head towards me and winks.

I smile and bite my lip.

"Huh. Tough to tell, its just a mess."

The wimp straightens up, and staggers in the opposite direction. My boyfriend puts a foot out so he trips. "We're not done just yet. Now, what shall we do next?" he asks, while bending the wimp's arms behind his back.

He squeals, and begs him to stop.

"Let's see what kind of underwear he's got!" I say with a giggle.

"Good idea, baby!" He picks up the wimp in a standing position. "You want to do it yourself, or do I have to do it for you?"

With tears running down his cheeks, he says nothing, but unbuttons his pants, revealing white shorts with red flowers on them.

I burst out in laughter. 

"Wow!" my boyfriend says. "Does your grandma know you stole her briefs?"

"Let's go," I say to my boyfriend. "I'm starting to get kinda horny."

"Sure baby. Let me just show you something. You know what kickboxing movie I told you about earlier?"


"Watch this!" He moves a bit away from the wimp, and sends him on the floor with a round-kick. With his face down on the floor, he sobs loudly. A small, yellow-ish pond develops under him. 

"Watch your step, baby, I think he had an accident," my boyfriend says as he takes my hand. He kisses me once more, and we're off for somewhere more private. 

"OK, now I'm defnitely horny!" I say as we leave the poor guy on the floor.


  1. Is this you Maia in da photo above? She's beautiful.

  2. Yes Maia, is this you in da picture above?


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