Monday, January 27, 2014

Nurse Heather: The Race!

By Nurse Heather

When they first brought Tommy and Frank in, no one thought they would survive. The two brothers had been hiking in the mountains when a freak early snow storm caught them off guard. By the time they were found, both were frost-bitten and malnourished. Infections had invaded their bodies. They looked like the corpses you see in concentration camp photos. But modern medicine can do some remarkable things. Though they could not tolerate solid food, IVs kept them nourished and fought the infections. They were both very weak, possibly crippled for life, but they were alive.

Before I met them, anyway.

I worked the overnight shift, when it was very quiet. They mostly slept, but when they were awake, I got to know them, how devoted they were to each other, how that devotion had been what had kept them going when they were stranded. I also learned that despite their extremely weakened condition, both exhibited the normal desires of twenty-something young men. When I flashed my cleavage, their heart monitors jumped.

Bending over, letting them catch a glimpse of my panties, practically blew their gaskets. Barely alive, they still competed for my affections. Maybe the only thing they wanted more than my pussy was a solid meal. Living on IVs for several months creates amazing longing in the young and recently-virile. I would occasionally eat in front of them just to test out their desire and was always rewarded with glassy eyes and drooling mouths. Of course, they slept most of the time, and that was when I saw to more mundane things. I would replace their medications and daily nutritional doses with simple saline solutions to make sure that they would grow weaker and weaker over time.

The doctors were disheartened by the downturn, but then nobody had really expected them to pull through anyway. Teasing them was fun but I knew that pretty soon, someone would catch on so I decided to bring this little game to a close. Both were asleep when I brought the steak dinner into their room, but the aroma soon woke them. I told them I hoped they didn’t mind, but I hadn’t had time to eat before my shift.

The look of unsatisfied hunger in their eyes was priceless.

Soon, they were begging me for a taste. I told them that would be dangerous, given their weakened conditions. When they said they could handle it, I proposed a little test. I set up the steak at the far end of the room, then unstrapped them from their IVs and had them “race” to see who could get to the steak first. I only wish I had thought to film what happened next, because it was as funny as any slapstick comedy you’ve ever seen. Both fell a half a dozen times on their way to the food. When it looked like they couldn’t go on anymore, I moved the tray closer to give them incentive to get up again. Then I moved it farther away again.

But this got old pretty fast. I mean, seeing pathetic losers falling down is funny, but I thought they could do better. I gave them each a cane to help them hobble across the room. But they still weren’t providing enough entertainment.

So then, I sat next to their meal and spread my legs. I began rubbing my pussy and told them that steak wasn’t the only thing the winner would get. Frank’s eyes bugged out and he practically hopped to his feet. Tommy, seeing his brother getting ahead of him, did the only thing he could. He swung his cane and caught Frank in the shins, sending him sprawling. Finally, a little action. Well, during the next 15 minutes, I sat casually rubbing my clit while these two loving brothers proceeded to use whatever feeble strength they had left to smash each other with wooden canes. Frank rammed the end of his cane into Tommy’s foot at one point, shattering the brittle bones. Tommy tackled Frank and used his cane as a lever to dislocate Frank’s shoulder.

Frank used his remaining good arm to punch Tommy in the balls, then swung his cane down across Tommy’s face, cracking his brother’s skull in the process. All the while, I cheered for them and unbuttoned my blouse, letting them see what they were fighting for! As Tommy’s head bled and his eyes rolled back, Frank stopped for a moment, realizing what he had done. He looked at me helplessly, but there was nothing to be done. (Actually, there was plenty to be done, but it required fast action and someone who gave a shit.) Tommy was moments away from death and Frank wore the most pathetic look I’ve ever seen.

I tossed the steak on the floor by Tommy’s head so that it landed in his seeping blood. Frank gave in and began gnawing at the flesh. While he was otherwise occupied, I hit the emergency button by the door and tore my bra off. Then I dipped my hand in Tommy’s blood and smeared it over my clothes. Frank finished his last meal just as the door burst open and Tyrone, our hulking overnight orderly, rushed in. I screamed and told him that Frank had tried to attack me.

When Tommy had tried to intervene, Frank grabbed the cane and beat his own brother to death. Frank’s feeble brain could barely understand what was happening, but he certainly understood Tyrone’s fist smashing into his face. I’m pretty sure Tyrone’s first punch snapped Frank’s neck, and he probably didn’t even feel the other six punches that turned his face to mush, but I’d like to think whatever physical pain he felt at the end was dwarfed by the realization that he had murdered his own brother.

I thanked Tyrone profusely right there in Frank’s bed. As he plowed into me, I looked at the two broken bodies still bleeding on the floor.

Oh well, no one thought they would make it anyway.


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