Thursday, February 27, 2014

Betrayal on a Vacation Beach

A stunning brunette wife and her handsome, fit, young husband have gone on vacation at a secluded tropical island. While the couple are sunning themselves, a similarly fit, good-looking young man wanders onto the beach. The stranger sees the beautiful face and amazing bikini body of the hot wife and strikes up a conversation with her.  The husband is fine with the interaction at first, but becomes angry when the stranger and wife turn from mere talking to overtly flirting with each other.  The men have a brief confrontational discussion.  The hot wife, obviously turned on by the advances of the stranger, then suggests that perhaps the two boys should settle this "man to man."  The guys jostle with each other a bit, and the hot wife finally says to them, "I want you two to fight it out, winner gets me!"  The men square off and fight it out.  The stranger is more athletic and dominant.  While the hot wife screams encouragement to the stranger, he gets on top of the husband and strangles him, eventually leaving the husband unresponsive, lying on the beach.  Hence, we see the scene above, with the hot wife lying over her defeated husband's body, affectionately holding the victorious stranger's wrist, and laughing hysterically at the manner in which her husband was so easily dominated by this sexy "other" man.  Soon after, the stranger and the hot wife (perhaps now, hot widow?) head back to the beachfront cottage the married couple previously occupied together.  The hot wife and sexy dominant stranger then share raw, animal-like intimacy.  The kind of guttural intimacy that comes only from the powerful stimulation produced by physical confrontation, which they both just experienced in their own unique ways, on the secluded beach.


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