Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Physiological Power of Violence

Something comes over her.  Her heart races. Adrenaline fills her veins.  Her blood pressure rises. She's suddenly supremely alert and at attention.  Her eyes widen, pupils dilated.  Her mouth goes dry.  Her skin erupts with goosebumps.  She leans forward for a better view.  Her nipples harden.  She becomes both excited and aroused.  Her body takes over, she can no longer control the way it reacts to the stimuli before her.

The glands in her groin begin to react, adding further fluid to her already-moist love nest.  And as she watches, she screams for more, urging on the spectacle before her.  Her senses are filled with input, from the visual sights, to the audible sounds being made. As she eggs on the festivities, she becomes more and more aroused. More fluid uncontrollably leaks from her loins.  Her panties are now visibly wet. She can't help but touch herself, as she watches . . .

you getting your ass kicked by her secret lover!


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