Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Introducing the Lovely Stephanie Ann Cook

Editor's Note:  This is the first in a series of pieces where we will introduce you to lovely, real women who at least enjoy watching fights, and in some cases, find sexual excitement from watching men fight each other.

Dude, imagine yourself as an MMA fighter.  Imagine that you are part of a random competition, where a lovely young lady gets to pick fighters from a pool and match them against each other.  Then imagine that the lovely young lady stands in her bra and panties at ringside, excitedly watching the fighters brawl inside the octagon. She takes sides.  She cheers some fighters on.  She lets other fighters know that she's rooting against them. She is in every sense as active as a spectator can be.  And its your turn to enter the ring. There she is, sizing you up.  You can tell she's thinking about whether to cheer you on or to hope you are vanquished.  She has matched you against a formidable opponent.  You wonder to yourself, who is she?

Allow us to introduce to you the amazing Stephanie Ann Cook, a super-hot 24 year-old blonde who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, but was born in Rockford, Illinois.  She's truly passionate about MMA. She stands just 5'6, weighs 120 lbs. and rocks a lovely 34B-26-33 frame.  She's a professional model, working corporate events such as car shows, demonstrations at conventions and the like.  She also works with charities focusing on children.

She was asked to be an MMA ring card girl for an event in 2010 as part of a modeling assignment, and since then, she claims to have been "in love" with MMA.  She works as a ring card girl for independent MMA leagues, as well as the moderately organized TUFF N' UFF league. She may well earn herself a huge promotion one day to the ranks of UFC Ring Girl, where national attention and a deserved increase in pay will finally come her way.

Stephanie is an avid fan of MMA, but boxing and wrestling were the primary combat sports she first watched while growing up.  After she graduated from school, MMA began to get popular. According to Stephanie, "[i]t brought back the excitement I love about watching fights.  I've always been drawn to fights and fighting, throughout life, in real life and on television."  Stephanie adds, "I love all forms of fighting, boxing, muay thai and so forth."  One has to wonder what sort of emotional reactions Stephanie has as she watches men fight each other.  And one has to wonder what "all forms of fighting" includes, in Stephanie's mind.  Perhaps some day, we'll get the chance to further develop our understanding of her love of fights and fighting.

Clearly, Stephanie is a knockout who loves to watch men fight each other.  As she stands at ringside, peering through the fencing and screaming at the top of her lungs, what does she see?  Gentlemen, how does it feel to be fighting in front of Stephanie?  Do you prevail or get vanquished in front of her?  What is Stephanie's reaction?  Ladies, compare your interest in this subject to that expressed by Stephanie. Would you aspire to being an MMA Ring Card Girl?  Why or why not?  Please address these questions, or reflect on the contents of this piece, in the comments section below.

To learn more about Stephanie, see: (pictures) (personality) (statistics) (Twitter stream) (Facebook profile)


  1. what a looker ,,,,,, great body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mmm, she's a HOT `n' SEXY babe!!!

  3. never seen such a beautiful ring girl like this .......your at her mercy if she is watching you get beat up and cheering on the other guy

  4. i hope she does become a ring card girl . she has the looks and the body for it and she seems like a smart girl .it would be nice for her to make a lot of money for it ...... hell, . shes watching something that she likes ....... all the best to her

  5. i would love to date her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps the affinity for watching fighting that Stephanie expresses should be one of the qualities
    that are sought after when choosing a ring or octagon girl.......I would love for her to watch me fight,
    and while I am now fully committed to my alpha side, I have a beta side as well, and a sexy woman
    can get me so worked up, I might even enjoy getting pummeled, if I knew that she would afford her
    sexual pleasure to witness.


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