Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Gorgeous Taylor Makakoa Dew

For our next installment of a lovely who loves to watch man- on-man violence, I bring you the statuesque babe, Taylor Makakoa Dew. She sometimes goes by Taylor Dew, and often times by Taylor Makakoa, but no matter what configuration is applied to her name, the power of her physical appearance remains, well, overwhelming!

Taylor, soon to be 26, is Hawaiian by birth, and grew up as a practitioner of her native hula and Tahitian dancing traditions. She now resides in Las Vegas and is married to the world-renowned ventriloquist, Terry Fator.  She stands an impressive 5'10", with a sturdy but shapely 39-26-39 chassis. As you can see, every aspect of this woman is simply superb and far more than ample.

She is a solidly accomplished model, having appeared in shoots for corporate clients like Cadillac, as well as been featured in shoots for both Maxim and Playboy magazines. Somewhere around age 18, she became the on-stage assistant for Fator during his long-running act at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, on the Vegas Strip.  The two eventually fell in love and joined forces, not just on stage, but in every facet of life. The two continue to perform together, and Fator remains under contract with the Mirage through 2016.

Taylor's main experience in relation to men fighting each other has come as a ring girl for men's boxing matches.  On the right, she is pictured in a photo taken by Tom Donoghue, a contributing photographer for the Las Vegas Sun, as she served in the role for an ESPN Fight Night: The Future of Boxing.  But the beauty actually has expressed a yearning for more raw violence, and a closer viewpoint to that much more extreme action.

In talking to, Taylor confided that, "I was never really a fan of boxing, but the first time I saw MMA on TV, it was like, ‘Wow! If you were to get into a fight on the street, that’s how you win—that’s how you survive!’ I just loved it, so I started watching with all my friends. I love everything about MMA."  Clearly, this sexy lady is looking to see something akin to street fights - far more intense violence than that provided by the mere sweet science.

Moreover, Taylor doesn't just want to watch that intense male violence from afar.  She wants an up close and personal view, where even the sprays of blood and sweat of the fighters can reach her.  "I love MMA . . . . I would love to be a part of it by being a ring girl, I would love to be closer to the action and be able to see what happens inside the ring, from inside the ring," Taylor told

We can only surmise that Taylor's fascination with and desire for personal closeness to the extreme violence of MMA fights has something to do with the emotional effects that watching such fights has on her.  We certainly hope (and pray) that the sights and sounds of men intensely fighting each other stirs her inner passions and libido.  But alas, to our knowledge and dismay, she has never explicitly said so.  She nevertheless remains a stunningly beautiful young woman who has affirmatively expressed a fairly aggressive desire to witness men fighting in extreme fashion, and wants to see it happen right in front of her.

I know that I would be thrilled to fight another man in MMA/street fight fashion, knowing that Taylor was watching with excited interest, from only a few feet away.  How about you?

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