Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Really, Really, Really Bad Girls

A recent posting in the forum about women who suffer from the condition called "hybristophilia," basically an aberrant sexual attraction to/arousal by men who have committed heinous acts of violence, piqued my interest.  I think we've all known about the existence of this phenomenon, even though we might not have known what to call it. Yes, there are a fair number of female groupies out there who essentially want to mate with the serial killers and bad boys.  I'll let you search for the term on your own and read more about the theories on this mental state, as well as it's causation.  To the left is just one example of a lovely looking lady that might be termed a hybristophiliac.  While I have to say that the Dahmer case was particularly reviling, there's no denying that Karen Rasmunsen is physically hot, and has some notions in her head that we would probably find to be stimulating.  At the same time, there's a naive delusional sense to her explanations that would give anyone pause in associating with her.  While being mindful of the extreme pain and loss Dahmer caused, exploring Karen's reasons for this arousal by a man associated with such extreme violence might nevertheless be a rewarding experience.

To a certain extent, there is a thrilling aspect to the drama surrounding such extreme violence.  While I cannot say that the supremely sexy Susan Lucci has an attraction or arousal to such violence, she certainly uses the sexual impact of it to sell programming on the Discovery Channel off-shoot, called the Investigation Discovery channel. Susan regularly pitches some of the most violent programming being aired by ID, utilizing all of her feminine wares of seduction to lure viewers in.  Her voice and expressions are tailored to say, "hey, this is hot."  And the "hot" product she's pitching are vignettes concerning women who either provoke violence between men, or commit violence, themselves.  No, Susan is not trying to breed a new generation of hybristophiliacs, but she isn't afraid to capitalize upon some of the same feelings of arousal, intrigue and vulnerabilities that are aligned with hybristophilia.

An important element of hybristophilia seems to be that the aroused woman is more of the voyeur of violence that has occurred in the past, not the present.  She may or may not envision the violence continuing after she mates with the violent man. Often, they seem to be deluded into thinking the violence would discontinue once she has given her love and affection to the subject of the strange attraction.  Still, there clearly are women who just love to watch men commit violence upon other men. They want a more active, vicarious role in the extreme violence to be played out.  For instance, the curvy young lady to the left is named Ebony Geddie, an attractive 19 year-old who knowingly lured a Brooklyn man, using naked photos of herself and the promise of sex, to his eventual death in her presence.  She performed oral sex on the killer as they waited for the victim to arrive at the location of his murder.  When the victim arrived, she began seducing him, then backed away and watched her lover shoot the man, point blank. Ebony is definitely a unique case and there is probably much more that could be learned about her motivations.  But it is doubtless that her actions in this 2011 incident connect extreme violence between men and sexual arousal on her own part.  

Of course, there is the now well-known case of Miranda Barbour.  Miranda, also 19, placed seductive ads on Craigslist, hoping to lure a man to her, where the unsuspecting victim would be killed by her newlywed husband as she watched; and even helped.  One unfortunate central Pennsylvania man decided to make the connection with Miranda, and subsequently found himself getting strangled with a cord from behind by Miranda's husband. Miranda watched the strangling, but when death didn't come to the victim fast enough for her, she stabbed him with a knife.  They both listened to the victim gasp as they looked for a location to dump him. Miranda's husband admitted that the couple had tried several times before to find a victim, but that it just hadn't worked until this occasion.  One can only theorize from this state of affairs that Miranda made connections in her mind between this planned and carried-out extreme violence and her own sexual arousal.  A chilling story, reminiscent of the 1984 movie, "Natural Born Killers."  To read more about Miranda, search for her name and more than 50,000 stories will come up, including self-proclaimed accounts that she has killed men on multiple occasions in several different states.

Finally, at least for this post, we review the case of the sadistic Margaux Tocci.  Margaux, another 19 year-old, is a physically attractive former cheerleader who lured her ex-boyfriend to a dark New Jersey parking lot, where her current boyfriend and his friend awaited the arrival of the "ex" with a baseball bat and metal pipe.  When the "ex" arrived, he was brutally attacked and beaten by the two men, as Margaux watched and cheered the beating on.  After the assault was over, Margaux happily jumped into the car with the two assailants and left her "ex" lying on the ground, a bloody, beaten mess.  She was so happy about the night's events that she couldn't stop smiling long enough for the police to take her mug shot.

No doubt, these are some intense cases of women who sought and provoked extreme violence between men, or at least sought to sexually connect with men who have committed gruesome violence. Obviously, each of these instances resulted in horrific consequences for the victims, heartbreak for their families and appropriately, severe legal punishment for the perpetrators.  But one has to question how many women out there have the propensity for these types of acts?  How many women make a connection between such violence and arousal?  How many women make the connection between male violence and their own arousal, but would never provoke an actual violent act, instead just enjoying it in the "abstract" or in theory?  There are many questions that these cases raise, and so very few answers.

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