Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eye Candy For the Ladies

Here's a little eye candy for the ladies, mostly focusing on men wrestling each other. Ladies, please let me hear from you in the comments section below as to what you like and dislike.  That helps me to try to cater our content to match your desires on a more consistent basis.  And of course, our guy readers always get off on hearing what you have to say on the subject.  Thank you all.

Powerful competitors strain for advantage, early in the match.

A combination backbreaker and package torture finish is applied.

The loser of the office cockfight is left humiliated and naked on the ladies' room floor, for all of the women spectators to verbally and physically abuse him.

The younger man "finishes" his older, studly opponent, to the delight of the spectators.

The ripped and cocky champ is stripped naked and choked out in the ring.

Nerd gets stripped, beaten and kicked betwixt the legs in front of some ladies, whilst waiting for an elevator.

The confident champ applies scissors and yanks back on the handsome challenger's face.

The bigger man hurts, humiliates and pins down the athletic but smaller man near the lockers.


  1. Too hot!!!! Love it. Makes me wet. Too long since I've seen a fight, just have to stir one up.


  2. Glad to see at least one female respond with a favorable comment. Makes me hard, makes me harder that it makes Lynda wet, throbbing actually!! Lynda please write about one on the FORUM..
    Pretty, pretty, hard, throbbing please, Lynda?!!!

  3. HHHmmm, throbbing? Nice! Actually, I have written a few pieces here but it's been awhile. This place got a little too far away from my interests but it's nice to see it swing back (no pun) the other way. I might re-post some stories in the near future.



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