Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Unbelievably Beautiful Deanna Brooks

Deanna Brooks just turned 30 this past week, and remains every bit as stunningly beautiful as she has ever been.  She retains the kind of petite hard body that drives most men wild, standing just 5'4" and weighing in at 107 lbs.  She rocks an amazing 36-24-35 frame that you can bounce quarters off of, but nevertheless, retains all of its feminine appearances.  She is a former cheerleader and bank teller who became Playboy's Playmate of the Month for May of 1998.  

Deanna is one of the few Playboy models who has been able to make a sustained career out of modeling.  She's consistently worked for Playboy since her 1998 selection as Playmate, doing promotional appearances and appearing in no less than ten (10) Playboy-produced videos.  She's made appearances in at least seven movies and on numerous television shows, most notably playing the role of "Janine" in the 2005 movie, "Candy Stripers," and as a groupie in the hilarious comedy, "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story."

Ms. Brooks has shown an affinity for men's boxing and MMA matches, regularly attending such events.  She especially makes appearances at those boxing and MMA events that are organized by Playboy, as Playboy's Fight Night promotions.

Just listen to the evil and sexy "sizzle" in Deanna's voice as she describes the "pain" a losing fighter feels before he is made to submit:

Whether the emotion Deanna is displaying is just good acting or a genuine, heartfelt arousal from watching one man submitting another by painful means, it certainly captures the essence of the female emotion that we love so much, as well as find to be extremely arousing.

You can view the 80 or so photos taken during the Playboy shoot, only some of which made it into publication in the magazine, here:

Read more on Deanna at:


  1. Oh Gawd this is SO SEXY and SO WICKED HOT! ! You can see da glorious unbound JOY on her FACE and beautiful wicked SMILE as she describes her JOY for seeing MEN IN UNBOUND PAIN and (begging for mercy)!!!...This made me so AROUSED I creamed! ! !...This is what I want all da women here to express with wicked relish and unbound JOY also!!!...Hearing WOMEN EXPRESS this MAKES ME CRAZY!!!...That's WHY this site/place EXISTS!!!...``C 'mon WOMEN TELL US, (with wicked relish and glee) just how much you love seeing men gnashing their teeth in unbound pain"! ! ! C'mon WOMEN TELL US HOW CRAZY IT MAKES YOU! ! !...Hearing you TELL your BLOODTHIRSTY WICKED DESIRES is WHAT MAKES US MEN CRAZY!!! :-)

  2. i hope it makes her horny enough that she wants to give a blowjob .......... wouldnt take long to cum with her mouth on your cock .............. splat .. right at her tonsils

  3. I can only say that if you ask most women, they love to both give and receive. Your wish could probably be answered if there was a reciprocal agreement in place. LOL.

  4. hell yes ..... i will eat her out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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