Monday, July 7, 2014

Onlooking Wives: "Break His Arm!"

Two attractive wives (one caucasian and one asian) intently watch their men tussle at at a meeting of a social club.  The asian man appears to be gaining the advantage over his white opponent, getting him in some sort of arm lock.  Surely, the women are thinking that it won't be long before the asian man will have the white man down on the floor, begging for mercy.  They do not speak aloud, but what is their internal dialogue at this moment?  The asian wife is no doubt impressed and happily anticipating the further dominance of the white guy by her man.  She might be thinking, "break his arm," and "get him down and make him scream." She is most probably excited and turned on by the sight of this scuffle.  The white wife may feel regret and embarrassment over seeing her man get dominated like this.  Or, she might think, "break his arm, get him down and show him no mercy!"  She may share the sentiments of the asian wife. Instead, she may be excited and turned on by the fact her man is getting dominated and is soon to be humiliated by a superior man. There's no doubt that both are fixated and entranced.  They've moved forward to watch the conflict up close, and personal.  Will they break their silence and let their desires be known, or will they hold those desires discreetly to themselves?  We certainly hope that they will at some point express their intimate feelings about this event.

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