Monday, November 24, 2014

"Chloe P." Authors An Interesting Dialog On the Web

Editor's Notes: This is an adapted account of a dialog authored by a woman named "Chloe P.," which was published originally on a women's health message board. The adaptation includes parts authored by us to fill in gaps in the storyline, as well as editing of materials posted by the original author. The photograph is of a light porn model who goes by the name of Chloe and has published her pictures on the Web.  There is no knowledge or assertion on our part of any actual association between the woman pictured and the accounts that were posted. The picture is offered for mere illustrative purposes.

The Background:

So, about six weeks ago, my boyfriend got into an argument with a guy from our neighborhood.  Soon after, the guy was telling everyone about how he claims he had been disrespected and wanted to fight my boyfriend.  I was afraid of what might happen, so I went to the guy and asked him not to fight with my boyfriend.  My appeals to him did not work and he still sought out my boyfriend.

One evening about a week later, when my boyfriend and I were out together, the other guy found us and challenged my boyfriend to fight him, right then and there.  My boyfriend is a training MMA fighter and I had hopes that he would be able to fend off this guy.  My boyfriend felt like he could not back down and had to deal with this situation.

As the fight started, I was very nervous and worried, but also hopeful my boyfriend would win.  I strangely found myself getting somewhat sexually aroused by the excitement, violence and danger I was anticipating.  Despite my fears, I could feel myself getting a little wet in the panties as the guys faced off with their bare knuckles out.

The fight began with a lot of awful trash talking and circling.  In addition to saying awful things about my boyfriend, the other guy insulted my reputation and spoke about my having gone to him to try and prevent the fight.  The guys charged at each other and the fight was on.  Shortly after some even give and take, the other fighter started to take control and began to batter my boyfriend.  He beat my boyfriend brutally with punches and kicks and stomps until he was a semi-conscious bloody mess. He made sure to injure my boyfriend's manhood for good measure.  The other fighter made it a point to humiliate my boyfriend in front of me and was totally rude to me. Part of me wanted to help my boyfriend, but another part of me was mesmerized and wanted to just watch what was happening.  I gave in to the latter desire and just soaked it all in.

After the fight was over, I had to half-carry home my beaten-up boyfriend, where I undressed him, cleaned him up and nursed his wounds.  As I worked on patching him up, we both became incredibly passionate and had the most intense sex that we have ever had.  My orgasms came in waves, stronger than ever before, as I thought about the brutal fight, my boyfriend's injuries and his humiliation by this other man during our intercourse.  My boyfriend had a couple of orgasms of his own, groaning louder and harder than he had ever done before.

Since that night, I have been almost continually horny.  I think about the fight and instantly begin to get wet all over again.  But my boyfriend has been just the opposite.  His desire for sex has basically evaporated.  I'm at a loss as to what to do about it.

The Follow-Up Web Dialog:

Hey guys, I know I said in the other thread that I was gonna let you guys in on what's been going on the past few weeks. All I can say is that I hope you guys can/will continue to support me... I'm going through a really hard time right now and I know that I've made some mistakes and some of it is my fault...

I've been talking with Sarah about this, so instead of retyping the entire ordeal, I'm just going to copy /paste parts of the private messages I've sent to her. These are pretty much my raw feelings on everything that has happened.  I'm being completely honest with everyone about everything, so please try to refrain as much as possible from being judgmental, although I may deserve it in some cases. : (

Thanks for asking me about the relationship. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse. : (  I've been thinking about asking the girls for help again, but I'm afraid what their reaction would be.... I feel like such a skank. : (

Basically, things haven't improved with my boyfriend at all, we've had sex like once since the last time I've been on here, and it was just completely awful...... He came in literally 45 seconds!!! I've never even heard of that before! How am I supposed to climax in 45 seconds? It was like a record low and probably the worst sex I've had in my life. : (  He basically shut down after that and we hadn't had sex in like 2 weeks and I couldn't take it anymore. We had such a strong sexual chemistry before this set of incidents.  Now, going without it had me going crazy. Not to mention that's just sex period. I have not had good sex in like a month, no orgasms at all, not even close. : (

My boyfriend was being just really apathetic about everything from sex, to our relationship, his training, and just life in general. It was really straining our relationship. He was just moping around all the time and I couldn't stand all the self loathing.  Anyways, I was glad when he went away with his fighter friends for the weekend.  It was a team building exercise the coach had thought up and I figured it could really help to get him his confidence back and get him back in the swing of things. It was pretty much my last hope.  If things didn't get better with his attitude from that point, I was planning on leaving, as the relationship just didn't seem healthy anymore.

So I was home alone for the weekend and was just planning to stay home, trying to relax and enjoy myself. I was just getting ready to get in the bath when my doorbell rang. I answered the door and lo and behold, it's the guy who beat up my boyfriend, the other fighter. So I was kind of taken aback and frightened, but he said he wanted to apologize to both me and my boyfriend for all the trouble he's caused.  I told him that my boyfriend wasn't in, but I invited him inside and made some coffee and then we talked.  He said he regretted all the trash talking and disrespecting me when I went to see him to try to stop the fight, and that I was an amazing girlfriend to try and do that for my boyfriend.  He also wanted to apologize for intentionally dragging out the fight, when he knew he had already won, with the intent of just embarrassing and humiliating both myself and my boyfriend. We talked for a while and he seemed really sincere about his apology.

Before he left he went upstairs to go to the bathroom and I went to the bedroom to put away some clothes from the laundry. When I was putting away my boyfriend's underwear, I noticed the pair with the blood stains on them were still in his draw.  For some subconscious reason, I hadn't washed them yet and he had not moved them.  I know it sounds silly, but honestly, seeing my boyfriend's bloody underwear made all the memories of the fight just come rushing back to me.  I started to get both incredibly turned on and incredibly sad about how the result of the fight had changed my boyfriend's attitude.  I began to tingle, get wet and to tear up, all at the same time, just as the guy was coming out of the bathroom.  He poked in and saw me sobbing on the bed, holding the bloody underwear, and immediately tried to console me.  I just felt so vulnerable, I was just glad anyone was there.  Then, almost out of the blue, he leaned over and kissed me!  I was so shocked at first and I pulled away, but he went in again and this time I couldn't resist.  I could just feel the passion, something I haven't felt in more than a month now!

From there, lust took over.  Before I knew it, I was completely undressed. All I could think about was how this sexy man had dominated and beat up my man, and I was sopping wet.  He pulled his pants down.  I was shocked when I saw how large he was. He was around 8 inches or so, fully erect, much bigger than my boyfriend.  And I know I'm going to sound a little hypocritical here... and probably even like a huge slut ..... I'm embarrassed at myself for even admitting it, I feel like I should be ashamed, and in some ways I am, but the sex was absolutely amazing.....

I've honestly never came harder before in my life.  Even harder than the post-fight sex with my boyfriend.  I know I've said in the past that size doesn't matter and that even guys with 4 inches have gotten me off, but this was honestly something entirely different.  I can't stress how absolutely mind blowing the sex with this guy was, it was completely unreal. It was obvious that I've never before experienced such a dominant and large guy, who knew how to use it.

We went through a ton of different positions and he was able to make me climax at least 5 separate times.  I honestly just couldn't believe how sexually compatible we were, or at least I thought we were. It was almost like we were holding back this hidden lust for each other and, in my case, probably a subconscious lust for him as the manly, violent "bad boy."

It turns out that the good time was more or less one sided though...... to him I was just another "skank that liked it up the butt." I couldn't believe it, I was so devastated, after I pretty much gave all I had to him physically and mentally, after everything I let him do to me, after I just let him completely dominate my body, he was just using me to get off.... I wasn't anything more than a place for him to "blow his loads." : (

Apparently, according to him I'm a "lousy lay" and horrible in bed. I tried to explain to him that I've just never been with anyone so skilled like he was, so I was just stunned by the pleasure.  He replied that I was just you're "typical skank, only good at laying there while getting fucked." It hurt so much to hear him say things like that after he pretty much had his way with me, while I was enjoying it nonetheless, it's just so shameful...

This is the first time I've ever cheated on anyone in my life and despite the sex being phenomenal, I'm just so ashamed of what happened.  I know I should have never let him in the house, but I did and even then, I could have stopped him when he tried to kiss me, but I just didn't.  I was weak and let him just take me over.  Secretly, I guess a part of me desired him ever since he beat up my boyfriend.
After what he said to me, I'm starting to think he's right... maybe I am a skank? : (

Of course, my boyfriend found out about everything as soon as he got back and was devastated. 

Everything is just a complete mess.


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