Friday, November 28, 2014

Cuckolding - One of Our Most Popular Subjects

Over the last few years, our most popular subjects have involved: (i) men fighting other men over their wives/girlfriends (and often losing), (ii) the bullying of nerds, geeks and other social outcasts, (iii) car crush injuries to males as delivered by women, (iv) beautiful sadistic women who watch men fight or male torture for their own pleasure, (v) comparing of cock-size with humiliation of the smaller-endowed man, and of course (vi) cuckolding.  I list these in no particular or significant order.

Over this holiday weekend (in America), I thought it would be nice to revisit some of these subjects in a few posts that focus on graphic demonstrations of the subject matter.  Today, it is cuckolding. For those not already schooled in what cuckolding is, I recommend you read a fine Daily Beast article here: What is Cuckolding?

For those who already are familiar with the subject matter, or prefer the learn-by-example approach, I offer the following examples of cuckolding:

Our poor husband here is relegated to sleeping on the floor, as his wife and her lover have a sexy romp on the bed.

Here, the distraught husband is ball-gagged and bound to a chair in black pantyhose, as he is forced to watch his lovely wife pleasure her dominant black lover. Her husband is such a "girly-man."

Here, the generous bull allows his cuckolding victim to pathetically watch as he sexually takes the victim's wife from multiple angles.

Here, a sexy young wife bestows her panties unto her bull as a sign of commitment, as she cheats on her newlywed husband, on their wedding day.

Here, a more violent bull and more sadistic wife begin their lovemaking, shortly after the bull has stomped repeatedly on the "package" of the groaning, beaten up husband.  The wife signifies her approval of the beating and stomping of her husband by placing her foot on him, thereby "joining" in his having been "conquered" and humiliated by her bull.

Here, we see the thought that is running through the mind of our cuckolded photographer, as he shoots pictures of his wife being taken by her bull.

Here, a particularly sadistic wife has watched her bull give the pathetic cuckolded husband a thorough forced torture session.  Her husband's pain, screams and humiliation turned her on to the point where she could no longer wait to taste her bull.

An extremely happy cuckolding wife, showing off her wedding ring as she wraps up servicing her bull.

A dominant wife drags her weak cuckolded husband by his necktie to the site where she intends to begin loving on her bull.  She wants him to watch, up close, how much more enthusiasm she has for loving on her bull than she has for him.

Finally, we see the ecstasy of a cuckolding wife, as she is serviced to perfection by her bull.  This is something her sorry cuckold of a husband could never make happen. 


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