Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More About Viva Bianca As Ilithyia

Ilithyia, Viva Bianca's character, truly yearns inside to see one man kill another man.  Nothing, other than watching one man taking another man's life before her very eyes, can give her the sexual thrill her amazing sadistic body seems to crave.

It is the occasion of the birthday of a young boy born to nobility in Rome.  The nobles decide to hold a birthday party for the boy, and part of the festivities will be a demonstration of gladiators fighting in the foyer of the nobleman's house.  Naturally, Ilithya being amongst the noble class, is invited to come join in the party for the boy and watch the gladiator demonstration.

Since this is a lighthearted occasion, the gladiators and everyone else are seemingly expecting that the competition will be for gentle entertainment and that there would be no major blood spilled on this day.

Ilithyia, however, knows that the birthday boy will be given the honor of giving the thumbs up or thumbs down at his own birthday party.  And Ilithyia most desperately wants to watch one man die at the hands of another man.  So she exposes as much of her breasts as she can without being accused of inappropriateness, pulls her robe as tight to her waist as she can, exposing her extreme feminine curves, and seductively goes to the young boy as he awaits the formalities of the party in his bath. There, Ilithyia convinces the boy to give the thumbs down signal when the time comes for the losing gladiator to either live or die.

The gladiators perform a perfunctory fight.  The nobles, and particularly the women, seem to deeply enjoy watching the men tussle. 

Spartacus wins over his blonde, curly-haired, muscular and well-hung friend.  The sword is pointed and the signal is sought, and shockingly, at least as far as the gladiators are concerned, the boy gives the thumbs down signal.  Tears well up in Spartacus' eyes as he is forced to thrust the sword into the shoulder and chest of his friend, Varro, for the mere entertainment at a birthday party.  

Nevertheless, the nobles seem to love the murderous action. The ladies bust out in glee as they watch the kill being made.  Ilithyia stands, somewhat stoic, her mildly satisfied face is the sign of her internal fight to hide the fact that she is having an Earth-shattering orgasm.  At the end, we see that Ilithyia is quite content with the results of her manipulative handy work.  Ilithyia is extraordinarily sadistic and by far, the sexiest of all women.


  1. You've got to love Ilithyia. No complex emotions go through her lovely body. All she wants to see all day long are men fighting and killing each other so she can have multiple orgasms.

    1. You are so right. You just said it all, Tim. I just happened to actually see that one. It was da HOTTEST, SEXIEST, most wicked thing ever. Viva Bianca's beauty and unbridled bloodlust is just awesome! !... I love her.

    2. I think I'm going to have to buy this series on dvd!!

  2. What an utterly fabulous bitch!


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