Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gronking - A Cuckold-Type Sex Fantasy Novel and Going For the Gonads - A Request From a Woman

Two posts in one.

First, a news tidbit that might be of interest to some of you. A woman using the pen name of Lacey Noonan has authored an erotic novel called "A Gronking to Remember," which has been all of the buzz here in the Boston area.  The sports radio guys are having a field day with this, and it has carried over even onto the nightly television news.  The novel has a theme that might be found to be arousing by a good portion of our readers.

Gronkowski is a huge, dominant, bully-like tight end for the New England Patriots (American) Football team in the NFL. Apparently, Ms. Noonan caught wind of some of the "Gronk's" latest antics - his flirtatious appearance on a certain cooking show where the female host basically threw herself at him, his connection to a gorgeous blonde porn star, his tough guy image, his enormous size, his partying attitude and more - and adapted the theme of his desirability into something even more salacious.

Essentially, Noonan's novel has the stunning blonde Leigh as her main character.  Leigh is happily married, but becomes turned on by the Gronk when she see's him spike a football on TV.  From there, Leigh's imagination leads the reader on the course of the very erotic thoughts of a woman obsessed by this big brute of a man.  While I don't think the theme here is a direct cuckolding process, its not hard to imagine that Leigh would betray her husband in many ways, just to satisfy her animal urges for the Gronk.

You can read an interview Noonan did with the Boston Globe, here.

You can read reviews and buy the e-book on Amazon, here.


While I was away for the holidays, I came across someone from my past.  We had a few drinks and some amazing discussions, including a talk about her enjoyment of men wrestling and fighting.  I shared with her the link to this blog.  She asked me to post pictures here of her favorite maneuver in fights between men. Although some of the material ends up looking decidedly "gay," I agreed to do so because it might be exciting to other women (and we strongly encourage the participation of women here)! All parties should feel free to comment re: likes, dislikes, etc., below.  So here it goes.


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