Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Women Relishing Fight Injuries and Bloody Wounds

For some women, the aftermath of the fight is hotter than simply watching the men in combat.  For some women who have a sadistic bent, the painful injuries of a combatant are a turn on in themselves.  For some women, watching the loser gasp for air and succumb to his wounds is the thrill of their lifetime.  For some, the injuries bring out a woman's maternal instincts, where she feels compelled to nurse the sexy injured combatant.  For some women, seeing the powerful man who has been hurt and rendered into submission is a turn on because he is now more vulnerable, more approachable. And for others, the exposure to red hot blood from a male combatant, feeling the life force in it against their skin, can be the ultimate erotic experience.  What follows are some graphic representations of the above.

True love occurs on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, as Angie becomes enthralled by the fight injuries all over Brad's head and neck.

The blood of a gladiator has an erotic affect on Lucy Lawless on the set of Spartacus.

The women enjoy their task of carrying the naked, beaten loser back to his dungeon cage.

Scarlett Johansson lovingly reviews the damage on Ewan McGregor's face in The Island.

Naomi Campbell has her moment of zen as she clutches the neck of the naked, injured loser.

Oh my, look at those lovely puncture wounds. He tried to kill you. That's so fuckin' hot!

Enjoying the spattering of the loser's blood on her face.

She enjoys the loser's slow, agonizing death, up close and personal.

His loser blood is so tempting and delicious.


  1. Oh Gawd YES!!!...This is SO FUCKING HOT ``N'' SEXY!!!...Seeing WOMEN SEXUALLY AROUSED and THRILLED by men's TORN `n ' CUT BLOODY, MEATY exquisitely twisted and mangled, excruciatingly painful body wounds MAKES ME SO CRAZY! ! !....This is what I LOVE SO MUCH! ! !

    1. Seeing WOMEN becoming SEXUALLY AROUSED by this, seeing da FULL UNBRIDLED BLOODLUST glowing in women's eyes as they ``THRILL OVER IT" and ``LOVE IT" (with all of their might, wanting this more than anything else in da world) MAKES ME CRAZY! ! !...IT'S WICKED,...IT'S EVIL,...IT'S so DEADLY and DANGEROUS,...IT'S the ULTIMATE SEXUAL AROUSAL FOR MEN,...I want this more than anything in da world! ! !...It's SO DAMN HOT!!!...It's just BEAUTIFUL! ! !

    2. (I don't know why there is all that space between my words). Maybe some sort of website (glitch)? I've never seen it do this before. Maybe Seve could check it?

    3. I could just imagine a really hot n sexy evil bitch smiling with her eyes filled with unbridled bloodlust, as she shivers and shakes with unbound sexual arousal, while fingering herself to unbound body shaking orgasms with one hand, while wickedly sticking her finger deep into a man's bloody, meaty wound as she shivers with cream squirting down her leg, while heavy rapid hot breath comes gasping out her hot mouth. This drives me to absolute madness. It's so BEAUTIFUL.

    4. oh yeah you are so right the sexiest thing ! my gf prétends she hates boxing but whenever there is a match on tv she sits on the coach and... as the bout goes on i Watch her nipples getting hard her deep breathing. i smell the scents of her soaked cunt and.... go to her clit for an instant ko rubbing. i am stone hard just wtaching her watching boxing.... so damn hot i pounde her telling her: girls who like boxing deserve to be knocked out ! she smilesand squirts... i fuck her hard my nose stuck on her seaty soles.... they smell beautiful... she keeps wtaching .... i can believe it she simply keep wtaching the boxers waiting for the knockout. whenever a boxer is sent asleep on the matt she shouts what a lovely hook !!! mhhhhhhhhhhhhh devastating

    5. xyes.... devastating.... the sexiest thing

  2. yes so hoooot ! I wish I coiuld share experience with someone who has the same devastating knockouts obsession. I am only attracted to girls who are aroused by boxing, hooks and knockouts. I took once a GF to a boxing bout. in round 4 the defeated boxer landed in the ropes inconscious after being left hooked to the ko button. I was more aroiused by the sight of my GF applauding and jumping out of her seat that the knockout itself. I could smell her intimate scents. She shouted he is knockout out how lovely.... he is asleep ! we rushed to the car for a backseat immediate fuck. She was soaked her clit ready for rubbing she shouted Knock me out ! send me asleep ! come one Knock me out like boxing ! she wanted me to hit her lovely jaw with a hook for real. she was so incredibly excited. I pounded her hard her lovely legs up in the air. DShe was still wearing her high heels. i could smell her feet (when she is aroused they are wet and smell lovely). She kept shouting what a bout ! what a knockout ! I came Inside of her, my nose stuck on her lovely sweaty soles.... it was increasdible. if you want to share experience here is my email: pianissimot@excite.fr


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