Thursday, February 26, 2015

Esmarelda Villa Lobos From Pulp Fiction

Esmarelda Villa Lobos, played by Angela Jones, is a smouldering hot, curly-haired latina brunette from Colombia.  She drives a cab for a living.  She loves men's boxing and even listens to the play-by-play of the big fights on her cab radio. She is the Pulp Fiction character who picks up Butch (Bruce Willis) as her fare just after he has killed another man (Floyd) in the boxing ring.  

Esmarelda is mesmerized with her new fare.  She can't stop asking him about what it feels like to have killed another man in the boxing ring -- "beating another man to death with your bare hands" -- as Esmarelda sexily and emphatically states the question.  There's no question that Esmarelda is more than scientifically enthralled with the concept of one man killing another.  Her turned on expressions and phraseology leave no doubt that the thought of such violence between men has her moistening her own panties in sexual excitement.

Watch and listen for yourself:


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