Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day and A Special Video Clip

Happy Valentine's Day!  The day in the year 269, when the Bishop of Rome gave his life in martyrdom to protest the order of Caesar, which forbade members of the Roman legion from marrying.  The Bishop commanded that the order be disregarded and that all Church officials proceed to conduct marriages without regard to the orders of Rome.  He is the reason the modern day Catholic marriage proceedings to this day contain the paraphrased verse, "what God has joined, let no man put asunder." Like many of you, he was willing to take a beat down for love.

And now, a very special video clip:

Goddess Rodea Wants to Watch You (Yes, You, Nerd) Get Pummeled By Her Ex-Boyfriend!!

The only way this video clip could have been any better is if it had the Goddess showing us a little more of her amazing body, and if it ended when the ex-boyfriend was walking toward the camera, both fists balled up, as the Goddess began masturbating and urging him on.

This clip captures the very essence of the fetish around which this blog was created.  We hope the Goddess will go on to do more of these.


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