Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Advertising Trailer for Crabbie's Grand National Festival

Most of you will be familiar with the photograph shown above.  We've used it before because it is a wonderful depiction of the natural order ... two men shirtless and fist fighting each other for the honor and enjoyment of a beautiful lady.  The photo comes from a video trailer made to promote what I believe is an annual three-day equestrian event, called Crabbie's Grand National Festival.  But that is completely unimportant to my reasons for re-displaying the above photo here.  Because the photo does such a wonderful job capturing the essence of our fetish, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the trailer and pull out some additional stills that amplify the value of this piece to persons of our persuasion.  Enjoy!

The black-haired man rears back to place more energy into his forthcoming punch, then starts the swing of his left arm toward the face of his opponent.

The black-haired man's left fist makes contact with the face of his red-headed opponent, giving off a resounding crack.

The black-haired man follows through on his punch, snapping the head of his opponent to the left.

The red-headed man begins to fall from the impact of the powerful punch he has received, as his opponent presses forward, presumably to get on top of his downed opponent and to pound him into unconsciousness.

The beautiful brunette watching the action continues to fan herself.  She cracks a smile as she looks down at the action on the ground, clearly enjoying the fact that the black-haired man is now dominating and hurting his red-headed opponent in front of her.

Our obviously pleased gorgeous lady looks up from the pounding being administered to the red-headed man and draws her attention to the straining muscles in the winner's back.  She is glowing and, without doubt, sexually stimulated at this point.

The victor stands in guarded position, waiting to make sure his opponent will not rise for further conflict.  Our sexy brunette spectator in the background has turned square to the action and is leaning forward, so as to get a better look at the damage done to the losing man.

The victor issues either a final threat or final challenge to his downed opponent.  Our beauty sits more upright, at the edge of her seat, intrigued by what result will be attained.  Her fan now flutters more quickly, capturing her increased excitement and anxiety.

The victor is pleased to hear his opponent's indication of surrender.  Our beauty opens her fan more widely and flickers the same in a more relaxed manner.  Perhaps she is satisfied with the way this ended.  Perhaps part of her wishes the ending was even more violent and definitive.  What we do know for sure is that she quite enjoyed the violent combat that took place in her presence, for her affections.


  1. I love it! This kind of thing is what this group should be all about.
    I've always been fascinated by the bare knuckle fights of 18th and 19th centuries. Unfortunately there is no evidence that women were allowed to watch this kind of thing. That was considered ''unladylike'' - although I'm sure many women must have wanted to.
    These fights were unbelievably brutal, bloody and long................very long in some cases. A number of these guys simply battered each other to death. There simply were no rules. The famous "Marquis of Queensbury" rules didn't come into play until mid 19th century.
    There is a graphic description of a bare knucklefight in an essay by the English 19th writer William Hazlit. I think its simply called The Fight. You'll need a strong stomach to get to the end of it! Curiously enough he dedicated the essay to the "ladies of England". What the ''ladies of England'' thought when they read his essay isn't (unfortunately!) recorded.
    Another literary example is the bare knuckle fight described near the beginning of The Man who Laughs by Victor Hugo. In that sequence an aristocratic lady who is always complaining of boredom is taken to a bareknuckle fight. The fight is held in the rain so the fighters are nearly naked and fighting in mud. There's one moment where one of the fighters gives his opponent a "foul blow" - meaning he gives him a punch in the balls!
    It ends up with both men dead if I remember rightly. Then their bodies are dumped in a wheelbarrow like so much garbage. Afterwards - unbelievably! - the lady still complains she is bored! I guess theres no pleasing some people!


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