Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One Millionth Discreet Visit

   Some lovely ladies, decked out in dresses, enjoying a manly head crushing slam into the grass.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

During the early part of this week, this blog officially had its ONE MILLIONTH discreet visitor, meaning that for the one-millionth time, someone accessed one of our blog pages.  That's quite a mile stone, considering how small we are and how unique our fetish is.

In case you've wondered, here are some interesting stats about people who visit this blog:

Google Searches is our number 1 referrer, with more than 100,000 page views attributable to such searches.  The majority of visitors are clearly return visitors who have us bookmarked and visit us directly, without a referring URL.

The number one subcategory of this fetish among our visitors, by a wide margin, is the "comparing of cock sizes."

Our Forum page, standing alone, has more than 84,000 discreet visitors that come and read its content, from time to time.  Considering there are only maybe 20-30 members that post material in the Forum on an ongoing basis, you should all know your materials are very widely read.

About half of our visitors are from North America (United States - 45% and Canada - 5%).  The UK supplies about 15% of our visitors.  The rest of Europe supplies around 8% of our visitors, with Germany making up about half that total.

Australia and India make up about 3% of our visitors, and Russia gives us about 1% of visitors.

The other 23% of visitors are from all over the unmentioned parts of the world, such as Baltic states, Slavic states, Nordic states and various parts of Asia.

So, if you have some material you'd like to share with this rather larger, worldwide audience we have, please submit your material for posting using the "Submit!" key at the top of the blog's opening page, where instructions for submission are given.  You can create a by-line for yourself, or if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.  We will consider publishing anything that is on topic with the fetishes we exist to cover.

Thanks for your readership and continued support.

Best regards,



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