Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Bit More on Cuckholding

As this is one of the more popular subjects, we have collected some different materials, and thought they should be posted, so here it goes:

    Poor defeated husband is forced to watch his conqueror take his sexy, nubile wife "doggy style."

    Her cucked husband isn't even permitted to watch as his wife orally satisfies her dominant bull.

    This sexy blonde wife enjoyed watching her master slap and kick her husband into a sobbing mess.

    A grateful wife rewards her bull for beating and stripping her husband, as she sits on hubby's face.

    This sexy wife is pounded to a raucous orgasm by the man who beat up and humiliated her hubby.

    Oh, you sad cucked bitch, tied up, forced to watch, spat & cummed upon, as wifey humiliates him.

    Another sexy wife has a thunderous orgasm as her black bull gives her his full measure.

    All he can do is susck ass, as he's forced to watch his dominant best friend take his sexy wife.

    The poor bastard is inconsolable, sobbing and hiding his little penis, as wifey rides her black stud.

    Another sad sack cuckold, distraught as his bully and his wife both feel free to fuck in front of him,

    Another sexy blonde wife cums hard, all over her aggressive black bull's massive cock.

    Another defeated and humiliated cuckold, forced to watch his wife have sex with his tormentor.

    The tied up nerd/loser sees his powerful neighbor bring his hot wife to orgasm on their marital bed.

    Another horrified cucked husband watches his sexy Asian wife suck off her sexy black bull.


  1. Can't say this does anything for me but then I guess it takes all types to make a world.

    1. I understand. Nevertheless, posts on this subject are the absolute MOST POPULAR posts on the site, garnering THOUSANDS of visits. It is, by far, the subject that most of our visitors come here to see. And so, I make a point of it to occasionally dedicate a big post to this subject.

    2. Its certainly not very manly to be forced to watch some big dude fuck your wife or girlfriend but I guess thats what turns many guys on. I don't know whether to have contempt or feel sorry for them.
      Personally if some big fucker made a play for my girlfriend I hope I would have the balls to take him on in a one on one fight. (And that would turn my girlfriend on as well!)

    3. Well, I guess the "why" would dictate how one feels about them. If they voluntarily submit their woman for the use of other men, at her discretion, or fail to rise up and defend her, then contempt might be in order. And if they do fight to protect her, and lose, then what you see above might be part of the suffered cost of losing, and feeling sorry for them might be in order. I do not get a breakdown of how many visitors on Cuck posts are women, but I would say that there are definitely some women who like this. Many women have told me that the element of domination/humiliation plays as big a role for them, in terms of sexual turn on, as the physicality of fights. So, anything like this, with elements of domination and humiliation, is bound to get at least a few sets of panties wet.

  2. Ya I don't get it. As for the man who has to let his wife and winning opponent fuck in front of him shouldn't turn him on.

    But from the victors point of view it could be a turn on. Two victories in one. But some of the stories say the men were friends, maybe the loser wanted to lose?

    I have only recently seen the word cuckold and don't know the exact definition, but will definitely google right now.

    1. Ok, so I find out the husband normally has a small dick and can't satisfy his wife. Never been a problem for me. I'm the one who cheats, always never satisfied.


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