Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Stunning Bella Thorne Loves to Watch Men Fight

We have been waiting for some time to make this post.  Basically, the delay was to ensure that the subject of the post had reached the age of majority.  As of October 8, 2015, that criteria was finally met. And so, we can now say that the lovely Annabella Avery Thorne, age 18, seems to very much enjoy watching men fight. The gorgeous, svelte but curvy strawberry blonde, who stands 5'6", weighs 117 lbs., who measures a delightful 32B-24-32, and has an amazing "inverted heart-shaped" ass, is a budding young actress.  She's had TV roles, such as Entourage, The O.C. and Disney's Cece Jones show, as well as been featured in movies like The Duff, Frenemies and the forthcoming scream flick, Amityville.

But of greater interest to us is the fact that sweet Bella seems to very much enjoy watching MMA. She has discussed hosting MMA watching parties at her home.  She has also tweeted about her love of MMA, her obsession for a particular new UFC fighter, and some of the MMA-related gifts she has received from Dana White of the UFC.  Her brother has been training and fighting, in hopes of making the same his profession and, of course, lovely Bella has been rooting him onward.  Below are some examples:

    Bella confirms her interest in MMA.

Bella seems to have "favorited" the aggressive, agile and strong, UFC heavyweight, Travis Browne.
Bella, hosting a UFC 168 viewing party.

   Some autographed used MMA gloves ... a gift to Bella from UFC President, Dana White.

Indeed, beautiful Bella has even publicly lobbied for the expansion of MMA into New York, where it is presently barred by law.  According to Fresh Star News, Bella wrote a note lobbying for passage of a law allowing MMA fights to take place in the State of New York:  "Please help MMA get legalized in NYC," Bella is quoted as saying.

We think you'll agree that the sexy Bella Thorne is a stunning example of a woman who is not afraid to declare her enjoyment of the brutal sport of MMA fighting.  We wish more sexy ladies would openly declare their love of watching violent competitions between men.


  1. What an incredibly gorgeous and fuckable hottie!

    And doesn't she just know it.

  2. Definitely like to see her in a porn flick. Imagine two MMA fighters in a fight and afterwards she is interviewing them the two fighters fuck her roughly. Of course me being a bisexual man I would like to see the men playfully fighting over the girl and sucking each other off and even some anal would be good.

  3. Yeah, or 2 guys fight like dogs over her as she giggles and watches and eggs them on. Then the winner gets to fuck her while the loser has to just watch.

  4. This was actually my story. I was raised by a wealthy mother (father often away on business for months on end). My senior year of high school she told me she would start me out with $3,000 worth of suits and $200 more every week if I this would become my regular form of attire. [Before this, I only had two suits for special occasions since she explained it was a bad monetary decision to spend money on high end clothing that someone will soon outgrow]. I am little taller than average and fairly slim. I always knew that of 500 other males my size my physical strength was in the bottom one percent. This got demonstrated to me two days in a row by two other smaller and younger sophomores. Admittedly, my nose in the air attitude contributed. The first one ended upon top of me after punching me twice in the solar plexes (I was wind milling into him with little effect). The girl I had a major crush on was in the front row. She sat and watched and after he let me up her expression was rather opaque. She and two female friends walked me home. One other girl in the audience (whose face wrinkled every time she saw me" said it was a good fight while he lasted

    1. I have been sexually aroused by women watching men box since I was 5 or so. Especially cheering a knockout. I got to box in an event when I was 12. There were 3 women sitting together on the front row right across the ring from where our team was sitting. I could not take my eyes off them. There were a lot of females at those bouts including bikini clad ring girls.The bouts began with the heaviest weights. The fist fight started with nothing but big punches and no defense. The crowd went crazy and so did the three ladies. Our teams boxer got hit with a visious left right combination about twenty seconds into the fight and was outcold when he hit the canvas. The crowd exploded into cheers and the three women had instinctively jumpedto their feet, had shocked and approving sexy smiles and we're jumping up and down, their breast bouncing. Our knocked out boxer's left arm was sticking up at the ceiling and was moving back and forth. His eyes and mouth were wide open while there counted him out. The three ladies loved seeing this brutal knockout and could not take their eyes off the knocked out boxer's. The whispered to each other and giggled while the fighter waslaid out. It was HOT to watch evenat 12 years old. I had an erection for the rest of the night!I couldn't wait to box in front of those women and that crowd!

    2. My bout started out with no defense and windmill type punches. About two thirds through the first round I landed a chopping right hand on the temple of my opponent. A lucky punch. He went down hard face first and the crowd went wild. The three hot women jumped up and cheered and hooted. The ref started the 8 count as my knocked down opponent staggered to his feet. The bell rang mid coul. The ring girl paused as she went by and said "great punch champ. I want to see a knockout!" I was so turned on I couldn't see straight! The bell rang for round two and I picked up where I left off intent on knocking this guy out! As hard as I tried I could not land a solid punch. In the process I wore myself out. My arms felt heavy and my punches became slow. My opponent started punching my arms and my sides and my stomach and there was nothing I could do. It didn't hurt.I was trying to fight back but he was getting the best of me. He slowly backed me into the ropes right in front of the three hot ladies and started hitting me in the face and head with some success. The crowd sensed the tide was turning and began to cheer my opponent on. I was doing my best to cover up but not successfully. The crowd was now behind him and I could hear the three women shouting "get him! Hit him! Hit him! Knock him out!" Knock him out!" By this time my hands were very low and he was hitting me at will. The ref stood by closely watching while the crowd was on it's feet cheering. My opponent hit me with a huge straight right in the forehead just above my nose. It snapped my head way back and I bounced off the ropes falling forward on my back to the canvas. I wasn't knocked unconcious. I could see, hear and think clearly, but I couln't move. My entire body felt like it does when you hit your funny bone. Later I was told the punch shocked my spine and caused me to be stunned but conscious. I was struggling to get up but could not move. I could see my legs were rhythmically jerking and convulsing as the ref crouched over me giving the ten count. I was laid out right in front of the three women who were jumping up and down and cheering with the rest of the crowd. My feet were close to the ropes in front of the three women and I could see them and the ring girls just to their right cheering, especially the one that told me she wanted to see a knockout, as the ref reached the 10 count. When he did he stood up and shouted KNOCKOUT!And the level of the cheering crowd increased as I was still laid out and my legs still convulsing. My corner men came out and my legs finally stopped convulsing and the feeling returned to my body. They sat me on my stool facing the three women who were still cheering and hooting and whooping at seeing meget knocked out. They were looking at me and making comments to each other and smiling. The ref came over and said it was time for the announcement. My corner men wanted more time for me to recover but the ref grabbed my rightglove pulled me off the stool and led me to the center of the ring. I was very unsteady as I stood there defeated the female announcer said, " and winner by a spectacular knockout, the youngest winner by a knockout at this 18 year event, 12 year old so and so! The ref turned us and presented us to all four sides of the ring. I was humiliated, and totally dominated sexually in front of females turned on by seeing it happen. I had an erection that pushed hardup against my cup. At the end of the announcement and presentation the ref and winner walked away leaving me unsteayat the center of the ring . as I walked back to my corner by the three hot women, I could hear one of them say "look! He still can't walk right! He's still knocked out!" They didn't know it was caused by my rock hard 12 year olds erection being over stimulated by the head pushing up against my protective cup exquisite and humiliated pain caused by their reaction to seeing me get dominated for their sexual pleasure.

  5. Annabella Thorn is a Hot,Sexy,and FIREY lil' bitch!!! I wouldn't mind having her FIRE all over me. ;)


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