Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Stunning Bella Thorne Loves to Watch Men Fight

We have been waiting for some time to make this post.  Basically, the delay was to ensure that the subject of the post had reached the age of majority.  As of October 8, 2015, that criteria was finally met. And so, we can now say that the lovely Annabella Avery Thorne, age 18, seems to very much enjoy watching men fight. The gorgeous, svelte but curvy strawberry blonde, who stands 5'6", weighs 117 lbs., who measures a delightful 32B-24-32, and has an amazing "inverted heart-shaped" ass, is a budding young actress.  She's had TV roles, such as Entourage, The O.C. and Disney's Cece Jones show, as well as been featured in movies like The Duff, Frenemies and the forthcoming scream flick, Amityville.

But of greater interest to us is the fact that sweet Bella seems to very much enjoy watching MMA. She has discussed hosting MMA watching parties at her home.  She has also tweeted about her love of MMA, her obsession for a particular new UFC fighter, and some of the MMA-related gifts she has received from Dana White of the UFC.  Her brother has been training and fighting, in hopes of making the same his profession and, of course, lovely Bella has been rooting him onward.  Below are some examples:

    Bella confirms her interest in MMA.

Bella seems to have "favorited" the aggressive, agile and strong, UFC heavyweight, Travis Browne.
Bella, hosting a UFC 168 viewing party.

   Some autographed used MMA gloves ... a gift to Bella from UFC President, Dana White.

Indeed, beautiful Bella has even publicly lobbied for the expansion of MMA into New York, where it is presently barred by law.  According to Fresh Star News, Bella wrote a note lobbying for passage of a law allowing MMA fights to take place in the State of New York:  "Please help MMA get legalized in NYC," Bella is quoted as saying.

We think you'll agree that the sexy Bella Thorne is a stunning example of a woman who is not afraid to declare her enjoyment of the brutal sport of MMA fighting.  We wish more sexy ladies would openly declare their love of watching violent competitions between men.


  1. What an incredibly gorgeous and fuckable hottie!

    And doesn't she just know it.

  2. Definitely like to see her in a porn flick. Imagine two MMA fighters in a fight and afterwards she is interviewing them the two fighters fuck her roughly. Of course me being a bisexual man I would like to see the men playfully fighting over the girl and sucking each other off and even some anal would be good.

  3. Yeah, or 2 guys fight like dogs over her as she giggles and watches and eggs them on. Then the winner gets to fuck her while the loser has to just watch.

  4. This was actually my story. I was raised by a wealthy mother (father often away on business for months on end). My senior year of high school she told me she would start me out with $3,000 worth of suits and $200 more every week if I this would become my regular form of attire. [Before this, I only had two suits for special occasions since she explained it was a bad monetary decision to spend money on high end clothing that someone will soon outgrow]. I am little taller than average and fairly slim. I always knew that of 500 other males my size my physical strength was in the bottom one percent. This got demonstrated to me two days in a row by two other smaller and younger sophomores. Admittedly, my nose in the air attitude contributed. The first one ended upon top of me after punching me twice in the solar plexes (I was wind milling into him with little effect). The girl I had a major crush on was in the front row. She sat and watched and after he let me up her expression was rather opaque. She and two female friends walked me home. One other girl in the audience (whose face wrinkled every time she saw me" said it was a good fight while he lasted


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