Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kate Del Castillo Had Sexy Addiction to Mexican Boxer

Mexican "C" actress, Kate del Castillo, of telenovela fame (La Reina del Sur), is currently prominent in the news for her connection to the once-escaped Sinaloa drug lord called "El Chapo," and at least seemingly being "drug cartel" associated. In fact, She's had a long-time connection with the cartel, with her often claiming that this is the result of her own disaffection with a corrupt Mexican government.  One does not justify the other.

Despite her weak acting and bad choices in association, as you can see from the picture on the left, she is nevertheless a real hottie. Now age 43, standing a petite 5'4, weighing in around 115 lbs., with a robust 35C-24-34 frame, Kate is without doubt an eye-catching beauty.

Thankfully, we also know that she has a special sexual attraction for men who fight other men.  We say this because Kate has made no objections in the past to open speculation about her fascination (obsession) with a certain Mexican boxer, pictured below.

Lovely Kate, it seems, gets her juices flowing when she watches this young man, named Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez mixing it up in the boxing ring.  She has followed him to many boxing matches, sitting in the front row, and has openly acknowledged that she wants be at all of his fights.  She has not denied rumors of some past romance between herself and the fighter.  And given that Alvarez has had a long string of victories, one can imagine that this pair has done an awful lot of celebrating together.

Kate has not been alone at some of Alvarez's fights.  She has sometimes been joined by "movie director" friends that seem to share a love for the sweet science of boxing.  And other celebrities have attended as well, including Mark Anthony and his beautiful woman, Miss Shannon De Lima.

But back to the sexy subject of Kate's obsession with a pro boxer.  Both Alvarez and del Castillo have exchanged provocative Twitter messages in the past, amounting to public displays of sexual attraction. Alvarez has made comments about being happily sacrificed for one of her kisses.  While Kate has donned something similar to Saul's boxing robe, and little else, for a lovely "selfie" Twitter picture, shown below.

There is no doubt that Kate is taken with this fighting man.  The extent to which his fighting profession, and watching him fight other men, drives her open and intense sexual attraction is a question that is still to be answered by her.  From outward appearances, this babe is all about watching her man fight in the ring and then fucking him hard, with the same level of passion as the fight itself.

Every person has multiple elements to them.  The mix of elements makes us unique and interesting.  And so we at GGBV put aside the controversial elements of Kate's persona, and simply appreciate her for being a beautiful, sexy, animalistic, passionate human being. We love her fascination with men who fight, and honor that sentiment by showcasing her here.  We trust you'll like her more, now that you know something about her inner desires.


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  6. She Is Some Hot For 43 Years Old

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