Index of Stories - In Progress!!


Elaine's Story
          Elaine shares a story about a time she got to cheer on two of her male schoolmates as they go at it and the blood flies! 
Introducing Rita (Five installments)
         Rita Goleta discovers the blog and her newfound fetish, and demands that her boyfriend fight for her honor... and arousal!
Linda's Tale (Four installments)
          In this true account, Linda shares with us the fight between her husband and her ex-boyfriend that began her love of watching men fight.
Melanie and Diane Provoke Steve to Fight
        In this true account, Steve shares with us the two-on-one fight between himself and some guys at a bar, provoked by his hot blonde girlfriend, Melanie, and a very sexy blonde bartender.
Marissa's Story
          Bikini-clad Marissa enjoys watching a good fight with her enthusiastic girlfriends, and afterward rewards the winner! 
Midnight Challenge (Eight installments)
          The very first story we ever posted! Two male rivals take on classic archetypes as they enact the oldest of rituals to attain the favor of a woman
Greg's Story
          Greg recounts for us his first fight over a girl, the sexy and sadistic Lisa.
Chloe P.'s Web Dialog
          Chloe P. discusses a fight between her boyfriend and another man, and the repercussions from said fight.


Giggling Emma and Her Stiletto Heel
          Pretty Emma likes Dave. She doesn't like Steve. Steve is about to get hurt very, very badly while Emma has a giggle.
Lindsey Was Gleaming With Delight!
          Schoolgirl Lindsey loves to watch the skin from the nerd's face get ripped right off!
Teresita's Story (Two installments)
          Pretty Teresita has a crush on the school bully... who invites her and her sister along to watch as he torments the school nerd!


Brenda's Story 
          Brenda shares with us what she enjoys most about watching men fight. 
Linda Seeks Dialogue on Men Fighting
          The author of Linda's Tale, Linda tells us more about why she likes to watch men fighting, and about her ultimate fantasies.


Cholito and Mariela (Five installements)
          Rita Goleta returns with a story about a brutal South American dictator who loves to dispatch of his victims in horrifying ways... so long as there's a beautiful woman at his side!


  1. This looks promising. :-)

  2. Can't wait to read some of these. In particular, I always love to read perspective pieces, like the one Brenda will soon submit. Tell me what is going through your beautiful, sadistic minds, lovely ladies.

  3. i hope Audrey 9999 gets to write something .love reading her stories ,she loves the humiliation of the man that is getting beat up ..........she has a few ex boxers that will beat guys up for her

  4. i would love to get beat up in front of her ,she would love every punch in my face and my belly as long as i am in pain she would let it go on ....hoping she tells him .just in the belly .i want to see your fist sink into his soft and beaten belly .telling him .i want you to give him everything you have right in his belly .i want to hear the air come out and see him fall at my feet .this way he knows that i love watching it ............then i can tell the girls at the office what i had done to him

    1. I would love to let that happen to my belly for a woman's pleasure!

    2. Mighty Tank ........ever get beat up while a beautiful woman is watching .....they love to see a good punch in the belly


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